Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Move Out, Menendez! (Short Version)

New Jersey's Senior US Senator Robert Menendez has had some admitted "senior moments". He hired an undocumented sex offender as an unpaid intern. He forgot to pay for two plane trips from Florida Doctor Salomon Melgen. Menendez also intervened into a port security contract on Meglen’s behalf. Now the FBI is investigating whether Menendez frequented prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, including underage girls.

From disgraced US Senator Robert Toricelli to disgraceful Governor James McGreevy –good gracious! -- “Mendacious” Robert Menendez, can New Jerseyans ever catch a break? Newark Mayor Cory Booker wants to run for the US Senate next year. The New Jersey Democratic Party leaders’ train of misconduct and corruption should make Booker think twice.


The New Jersey GOP needs to follow up on the fibbing legacy of "Mendacious Menendez". With the dedicated help of now ultra-popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, now the Garden State GOP can advance a credible and viable winner to capture the state’s US Senate Seat, which would be a first for New Jersey Republicans in over forty years. State senator Joseph Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) could run again.


Senator Menendez is mired in dirty dealings, both public and private. The Democratic Party never held "Flabby Menendez” in high esteem, anyway. Not just for their state, but for the country, every New Jerseyan should demand that “Mendacious Menendez” step down and resign from office. The voters, and this country, deserve better than a flabby liberal who is liberal with his campaign donors and his private life.

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