Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why California Sucks -- Per Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla suggested quite perceptively that California is like a platinum blood with good looks who has coasted on her beauty for decades. The weather, the splendor, the natural resources, the diversity, the celebrity have enticed many to come and stay.

Most people who live in California, interestingly enough, are not even from California. They either come from big cities or from Mexico, which has created a strange mix of illegal immigrants and wealthy socialites, both of which can squeeze the middle class and push out business, profits, and prosperity.

California is no longer the gorgeous blond of yesteryear, but an unmarried femme d'un certain age who cannot get by on good looks which no longer look good.

Adam Carolla is a savvy commentator. A former welfare brat, he rose out of the poverty of state-sponsored dependence to become a comedy writer, actor, and millionaire.

Bill O'Reilly asked him to explain why California is the worst state to live in.

First, he pointed out the obvious: unions have taken control. The government is union-oriented, not business oriented. Big Business is considered the Devil, and the corporation with profits has been replaced with unions and federal jobs.

Two big populations centers define California: San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Things are not that good there, according to Carolla.

They do not even listen to the Republican side.

FOX gets a lot of viewers in California, but not a lot of businesses, not a lot of Republicans.

What is California's priority? PCH and Malibu: good views and nice beaches. Take it easy, and let someone else do the work.

Laid back. The Democrats "We;re cool laid back,

The GOP has a different agenda: pull up bootstraps and get to work.

Voters tend to to see the Democrats as the "Nice Party", the group that does not challenge people to live out their lives with some degree of self-reliance.

The culture in California is based on the notion that the government is supposed to give people lots of stuff. At the same time, the state legislature regulates some of the most ridiculous items. For example. Carolla had to go to New Mexico to buy a goldfish.

The penalties for  smuggling a goldfish is worse than smuggling in an illegal immigrant.

Carolla summed up California thus: environment, good vibes, hope and change, ""not being the man, not being a corporation", not going with the rugged get up and get going work ethic.

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