Friday, February 8, 2013

The Force is With You, GOP!

A long time ago, in a state far, far away. .

So begins the new political saga for California voters, except that this time, the new Evil Empire is the Sacramento Democratic Supermajority.

The rebel forces are none other than the Republican Party and the wearied conservative forces throughout the state.

Who is the Emperor of this Evil Empire of high taxes, higher regulation, and highest spending and debt in the country? Why, that would be John Perez, the Assembly Speaker of the House, who has threatened and intimidated businesses throughout the state, telling them that they must line up their donations behind every Democratic candidate in every statewide race, or face the "Dark Side" of his and his caucus' legislative fury.

Who is Darth Vader in this mix-up? None other than Jerry Brown, a former flower child who has given into the "Dark Side" of tax-and-spend, regulate-frustrate. He has a little, very little bit of "The Force" of limited government, lower taxes,  less spending, and local control, but he all too often gives into the decrepit Emperor, John Perez.

The Force is with you, GOP.

You believe in the Invisible Hand of commerce, which works good and evil to every interest, public or private, regardless of one's color, culture, or character.

You believe that less government, less tangibles, less 'gimmes" make a citizen stronger.

You believe that individuals can rest in the Force of Individual Liberty, that they can choose the schools that will best serve their children and their future. You believe that fewer laws are need to ensure a  just and safe society. You believe that the light that shines on government corruption will bring an end to the "Dark Side" of waste, fraud, and deficit spending which dominates the Evil Empire of the Democratic Supermajority.

Another "Emperor", President Barack Obama, has already discussed establishing a "Death Star", one which will supposedly protect us from threats abroad, but here at home, in this country, in our state, the two Emperors are plotting more take-over, more control, more overwhelming constraints of the "Dark Side" on the lives of individual Californians.

Republicans, the Force is with you. You know the truth, even if most people either do not know or do not believe. You have run small businesses. You have paid your taxes. You have raised your children to grow into responsible adults.

Now is the time to take up the light sabers of truth. Now is the time to strike back at the "Evil Empire"

The Force is with you, GOP!

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