Monday, February 4, 2013

The Democratic Party that I "Liked". . .

I love Democrats -- at least when they cared about the "little guy" -- or I guess the term nowadays is "The 99%"

I loved Democrats like John F. Kennedy, when he talked about having a strong military and lowering taxes so that more people would have money, find work, and create wealth for others.

I loved Democrats, like Grover Cleveland, who refused to sign off on federal subsidies for any reason. He never wanted the American people to dependent on the government, they way a growing number have become dependent today.

In effect, I liked Democrats when they voted and acted like Republicans today --- aside from the inherent racism

Unfortunately, the days when the Democratic Party cared about you and me are long gone, giving way to media and political elites who love to tax the poor in order to pay the way for the rich.

My father was a Democrat, to some extent, until the party left him, as much as the party left his father, and Ronald Reagan.

My mother was also a Democrat, because the party stood up for the "little guy."

Unfortunately, she kept voting the Democratic line because of party affiliation, even the party was no longer affiliated with the "little guy".

The Democratic Party is out of touch, uncaring and unconnected with the rights, the plights, and the fights of poor and middle class voters.

In Hermosa Beach last week, the vast majority of Democrats who met with Congressman Henry Waxman were old, rich, white people who cared about "climate change", just like Congressman Henry Waxman himself.

Most people in this country, no matter what their age, color, or creed, are not worried about the atmosphere. They do not care about the polar bears not having an Arctic home of their own, they do not worry about the ice caps melting, and the only "nino" that Hispanic voters care about are their own.

When Democrats wanted to  make sure that everyone had an opportunity, when affirmative action was about affirming that people can take action in their own lives for the better, then I liked the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, affirmative action went from ending discrimination to promoting reverse discrimination, giving unfair promotions and exceptions to individuals because of race.

Republicans had long since support civil rights, to the degree that no one's rights were infringed. To favor one group of people with preferential treatment is detrimental to the same group, as well as to all others. Democrats have taken civil rights in the latter direction.

I liked it when Democrats said "The era of Big Government is over." I liked it when Democrats passed welfare reform. I also liked it when a Democratic President signed into law balanced budgets, and was willing to wield a line-item veto. Today, I am convinced that Bill Clinton was really a Republican, while George W. Bush was the Democrat.

Spending sprees and irresponsibility define the Democratic Party of today, a political hegemony of nanny-state Pharisees and arrogant entitled titleholders who insult minorities with empty lies about Republicans and free markets, a party which panders to unions instead of preparing young people to succeed, a party which rejoices when more people enter welfare, instead of contributing to their own general welfare.

The Democratic voters of today deserve the Democratic Party of yesterday, which is the Republican Party of today: free markets, free enterprise, free people.

In effect, the Democratic Party that I liked. . . is the Republican Party that I like.

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