Friday, February 8, 2013

Krugman is a Krack-Pot

Who pays Liberal economist Paul Krugman's bills?

This man is a disgrace to the "dismal science."

He still tricks out the same hollow talking points about more spending and spurring economic growth.

Did he even live through the 1980's?

Did he not notice that the tax cuts spurred growth? Even Democratic President John F. Kennedy articulated the crucial importance of cutting tax rates in order to increase tax revenues.

Krugman must be paid out by the thousands from people like George Soros, or other well-financed leftists.

How this economist can claim to under the supply and demand which presses up against.

There is no such thing as "neo-Keynsian" theory. All of Keynes economic ideas are old, dead, and wrong.

Yet academics, intellects, the "second hand dealers in dead ideas" will  never leave alone the notion that human beings can do more things to make the economy work harder and do more.

The sheer arrogance of assuming that human interaction centralized and controlled should be enough to denounce the standing of academics such as Krugman.

Yet as long as they remain in the milieu of "like-minded" academics, "thinkers" like Paull Krugman will live in  the land of "truthiness" without getting to the truth of supply, demand, scarcity, and the impossibility of government to manufacture anything,  but instead distribute everything.

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