Monday, February 4, 2013

Tolerance is a Virtue (One Which Requires Truth)

Tolerance is a virtue.

Without tolerance, there is no free society. Without tolerance, their is no pluralism.

Without tolerance, there is no political stability, for warring factions will disintegrate into fighting minions against each other, like the religious wars of Western Europe's past and the Middle East today.

Without religious toleration, European wars would have never abated. Without religious toleration, there may no longer remain a Muslim world.

Without toleration, there are not civil rights, no free speech, no respect for the individual.

Without toleration, the rights of man cannot be respected.

The Democratic Party, the liberal mindset of today, no longer honors "tolerance" as a virtue.

One Democratic leader told me that I had to accept him as he was.

If I have to accept someone because of who they are, then it's not acceptance, but instead a form of tyranny.

All of the talk about multiculturalism, gay rights, or accepting people because of their sexuality makes no sense if people are forced to accept these values.

Acceptance cannot be forced, but tolerance must be enforced.

Tolerance is a virtue, one that requires truth. What stands the test of time, what remains so in the face of changing fads and fancies, that is the truth. Without truth, without standing for something that you believe in, tolerance means nothing.

If the Democratic Party leaders expect everyone to accept the views and values of their coalition of ideologies, they will have no choice, no chance of realizing this vision, apart from using brute force and state sanction.

Tolerance is a virtue, one which the Democratic Party cannot claim to respect in the face of expecting every interest group that wants a share of state power.

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