Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Our Legislators Need to Do

Kansas is contemplating a phased-in phase out of the state income tax. So is Rhode Island and Louisiana, while Massachusetts plans a lower sales tax. California has some of the nation’s highest state taxes. If red and blue states can cut taxes, our legislators can also reduce the debt burdens, wrangling regulations, and spending sprees in California.
State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) received the “Senator of the Year” award from the League of Humane Voters, where the speaker noted that California is the most “Humane State in the Union”. Lieu’s legislation protects bears from being hunted into trees, but does not protect businesses, which are fleeing the state because of hunting bureaucrats. Lieu’s legislation protects pets from private sales, but does not protect our pupils or their parents, who cannot choose the schools that they attend. Lieu must pass humane laws for humans: lower taxes, lessen spending, and loosen our businesses’ and cities’ regulatory burdens. He should host a townhall meeting in Redondo Beach and outline his plans.
Congressman Henry Waxman (D-South Bay) attended a rally on climate change in Downtown Los Angeles, yet he ignores California’s failing business climate and growing doctor shortage, partly because of Waxman’s signature legislation,ObamaCare. While Waxman claims that Republicans “deny science”, Waxman must stop denying the unintended consequences of his overreaching legislation. Instead, he should set up “Occupy Brentwood VA”, where his office can oversee construction for homeless veterans, then issue laws which will diminish the national debt, reform entitlements, and cut spending.

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