Friday, September 30, 2011

Two-faced cat with nine lives; politicians with one lie to live with

Frank and Louie the cat (Yes, two cats in one, because this cat was born with two sets of facial features) has survived into his (or their?) twelfth year, when normally such abnormal felines would not have survived past four days.

I have no problem with two-faced domestic animals.

But what about two-faced politicians who say that they will uphold the United States Constitution, then appropriate monies for departments and agencies whose roles extend far beyond the enumerated powers in the Constitution?

What about a Congresswoman who pledged to represent the CA-36th Congressional District, only now to turn inland and run for the 44th Congressional District next year?

What about the presidential candidate of 2008 who promised hope and change, now an embattled President who has given the United States nothing but "mope" and "pocket change"?

Two-faced cats with nine lives are an odd miracle, if not a blessing. Two-faced politicians are a curse, one which we deserve to be rid of come the next election cycle.

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