Friday, September 30, 2011

Dr. Murray, Dr. Fine, Dr. Murray

The Three Stooges were at least mildly entertainment in their inane attempts to do something, anything on the silver screen.

Two years after the (un)timely demise of the King of Pop, the jury trial has begun to determine whether Michael Jackson's personal physician was negligent or criminally reckless in his patient's death.

While the world watches to see how this trial will end, we still wonder if the federal government will be able to fulfill its obligations, cut spending, raise revenue without hurting the American tax payers, and provide some semblance of prosperity for our posterity.

Just as Jackson became addicted to tranquilizers to ease his tripped-up mind, the American public has become addicted to celebrity indictment to turn our feverish minds from dwindling bank accounts, reprehensible debt overlays, and irresponsible politicians who refuse to govern for our sake and for the future.

Yet we vote these men and women into office. We have a responsibility to see that they exercise all due diligence in caring for the state without leaving us holding an impossible debt to defray. When will we stop watching the media circuses of small-time wrongdoers and pay attention to the greater issues: our daily lives, our daily responsibilities, and our daily call to make the most of our time and money?

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