Thursday, September 29, 2011

President Obama: Blame, Boo-Boo, Bust

President Obama is the quintessence of non-leadership.

Yet for a statist status quo liberal, he sure likes to tell everyone how to live their live and how to spend their money.

Bail out banks, failing auto industries.

Shovel-ready projects that are not shoveling anything.

A momentous natural disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by ongoing environmental burdens which restrict exploring for oil.

And how is this nation healing from the East Coast strike of Hurricane Irene? Governor Christie and his gubernatorial colleagues demonstrated more leadership in easing the fallout on their residents than the President ever did. Shameful.

No, Mr. President, you cannot blame President Bush. These your policies, from failed stimulus disbursements to Obamacare, have all but placed on the road to ruin.

And where is President Obama now? Campaigning of a second term, even though he has neither finished nor fulfilled his commitments in the current one. Has he bothered to meet Congress on their terms? Will he accept that the center-right legacy of this country took back the House of Representatives, and as such represents the heart-beat, the pulse of the American people?

This nation wants respect for our constitutional rights, respect for the rule of law, and respect for limited government. The President does not share these views, not is he willing to implement this vision.

We the People deserve leadership, not compromising connivance. We wanted to change in our government, not just chump change left over in our pockets.

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