Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama the Memory vs. Obama the Reality

"We are the change we have been waiting for."

Obama the community organizer, Obama the campaigner, is all washed-up as Obama the President.

Like a little child putting on Daddy's shoes, then tripping on his overcoat, lugging along a briefcase large enough for a child to sleep in, Baby Barry wanted to play grown-up. Now he finds that being an adult is not what it was all cracked up to be.

Mr. Obama's hilarious, disreputable, and pathetic turn as President is drawing to a sad close. The hope and change he mouthed to millions, drawing on their Anti-Bush animus, now haunts him wherever he goes.

He changed nothing. Chicago corruption has swamped the already swampy Beltway.

Of course voters are disillusioned. They expected a Messiah; what they got was an anti-Christ, a politico with a form of godliness, but no power whatsoever.

"I'm grayer, I'm all dinged up," the President mused, almost presenting his aged, worn handling of the head of state as battle scars worthy of admiration. What exactly has he done, besides lecture the American people on what they really need, which they never did; or condescend to the growing conservative (both Democratic and Republican) opposition in Congress?

Rather than lead, he has pouted, fretted, cajoled, name-called, then hired another slew of corrupt czars to micromanage more of our lives, all without Congressional oversight.

"The energy of 2008 is going to have be generated in a different way," Obama opined.

Yet the energy of 2008 was anti-Republican backlash, anti-Bush, anti-Establishment bashing. Now Obama is the establishment, the brand of government which we have suffered through for the last three years. Is Obama going to campaign against himself?

"It' time for us to change America." In our republican system of government, we get to change America every two years, setting up every House Seat and one third of the Senate seats, along with governorships and legislative posts throughout the country.

It's time that we changed America again, except this time we need to promote those who support Constitutional principles, limited government, and fiscal responsibility; prod those legislators who are on the fence about voting for law and order as opposed to constituency-baiting, and put away those legislators and leaders who respect neither the rights nor the liberties of the people, the several states, and the United States Constitution.

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