Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2012: Hope and Change to Come

No matter how wins the Presidency in 2012, whether the embattled incumbent or the challenger who is certain to do a better job of managing the Federal affairs of state, the United States will not only be in a position of recovery, but restoration of and renovation.

Free market principles are all the rage.

Keynes is out; Milton Friedman is in.

The American People have been forced to swallow the bitter pill of aggressive statist policies, from medical insurance mandates, to industry bailouts, to excessive regulation, to interventions in state and local economies all in violation of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Ron Paul is a respected statesman, nor longer the boogie-man also-ran of two previous election cycles. His sound arguments on sound money, limited government, and individual dignity and responsibility is catching fire across the land.

The Republican contenders for President are demanding that the United States Armed Forces get out of Afghanistan and Iraq -- end foreign entanglements in nations whose domestic interests have no bearing on our national interests. Michele Bachmann is a heroine to her district, voting against subsidised and pork, Rick Perry was a strong executive not afraid to talk tough and do right by his home state. Even Governor Mitt Romney has carefully crafted a meaningful response to combat the encroaching liberal menace on our rights and liberties as American citizens.

Even if President Obama manages to secure a second term, he will certainly face strong Republican majorities in the House and the Senate, both of which will thwart an further incursions into the rights and responsibilities of the several states and the people. The liberal fantasy of remaking the nation in the Progressive model of top-down elitist hierarchy is come to a protracted and welcome close.

Let us hope that the American voters bear in mind the nasty results of permitting a liberal-Democratic juggernaut to plow through a center-right nation.

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