Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eichmann Revisited -- and Duly Sentenced

Even to the detriment of the Nazi regime and the German state, Hitler and his foot soldiers would never abate in their Final Solution: the eradication of all European Jewry.

Finally, another rapt audience is learning that no one was an innocent bystander or bureaucrat under duress in pushing for the extermination of Jews.

The sheer evil of pushing an entire race of people to their death was instigated, even to the complete demise of the State that instigated their tragic deportation, incarceration, and mass execution.

"The banality of evil." coined by Jewish intellectual Hannah Arendt, has been skewed to emphasize the "banality" as opposed to the "evil." No matter how common or regimented the actors in Nazi atrocities, it was evil. Corporate guilt does not extinguish the individual wrongdoing of low-level functionaries or high military brass in the devastation of entire nations and cultures.

Eichmann did not get a fair trial, according to Arendt. Point of fact, it was unjust for him to have received a trial in the first place! As a war criminal, he should have been summarily tried, convicted, and executive in a military tribunal, without the civilian trappings of the Isreali Judicial system.

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