Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ron Paul: Comments from Reagan Library Debates and Radio Announcements

"Limited Government in a Constitutional Manner", that is the primary goal of the Tea Party; get government to fulfill the limited responsibilities delegated to it in the Constitution.

Freedom comes in a package, according to Congressman Paul. One cannot enjoy a little bit of political freedom, matched with some economic freedom, then enforce grand encroachments at the expense of personal and state liberty.

Paul supports personal freedom across the board. No more subsidies for people or businesses. No more legislating morality.

He is a consistent, vocal opponent of this current wasteful foreign policy, in which we give twice as much foreign aid to the Arab states hostile to Israel. We even hand out billions to Pakistan, yet we bomb the country at the same time.

The Tea Party agenda is taking the nation by storm, and shaking up the Republican Party. Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul took more than half the votes at the Iowa Straw Poll this past summer. No matter how loudly political pundits decry the stern demands of the Tea Party movement, there is no denying its sweeping influence over the GOP faithful.

Unlike Michele Bachmann, who still champions state intervention in certain fields, Congressman Paul has stayed true to limited government, libertarian principles.

He is the best suited candidate to run for President in 2012.

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