Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Linda McMahon: WWF Takes on Connecticut, Again

In 2010 WWF CEO Linda McMahon pushed $50 million of her own fortune into the Connecticut Senate Race to replaced disgraced Chris Dodd, an also-ran Presidential candidate knee deep in Housing Mortgages and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac corruption.

She is a consistent, business savvy conservative, no question about it. She earned 43% of the vote against Richard Blumenthal's 55%. If she can wide the rising wave of electoral discontent with Democrats and President Obama, she may be able to carry off the victory denied to her last cycle.

Recent reports indicate that Christopher Shays, former Republican Connecticut Congressman, is planning a run for the 2012 Senate seat. He survived the 2006 rout against Republicans, when most Republicans lost theirs, but was ousted in 2008.

Just before losing his last election, he wsa on record for voting against the Bush agenda more times than DEMOCRATIC Senator Hilary Clinton. If Shays were win the Republican nomination and then US Senate seat, would he be a reliable fiscal conservative, or an intractable RINO?

The primary match-up between McMahon and Shays would be brutal. Whoever survives the onslaught, would they be able to pick up the fight against a confirmed Democrat in the general election? A very tricky contest, to say the least.

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