Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Global Contempt for Democracy

'Voting is worthless'? Global protests share contempt for democracy" --MSNBC

The global contempt begins and ends with the people demanding from Government what they are designed and properly destined to seek for themselves.

Yet as soon as the people realize that they can vote money, other people's money, for themselves, then the integrity and security of democratic government is lost.

We must also keep fervently in mind that a democracy without democratic values is a shell game that never materializes winnings for everyone.

A free society is not based on what I can get from government, or what government must get from me, but what I may freely do without the trappings or interventions of the state or the people.

Can I speak my mind in the public square?

Can I worship freely without fear of recrimination or reprisal?

Can I seek equity and redress in a court of law without resorting to force or bribery?

Can I join or form political parties in accordance with my views and interests?

Can I learn about my culture, my people, my language without being distressed or repressed?

These are the true conditions of a free society, not whether I can vote. Some of the most repressive regimes were Democracies in Name Only, like Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, all nations currently embroiled with internal turmoil.

"Global Contempt for Democracy" begins and ends with the people expecting from the government, which means taking from each other by force. People want jobs, money, security, material goods worth nothing without the requisite freedom and respect for individual life.

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