Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Susana Martinez: Breaking DREAM, making Republican Dreams Come Trun

Way to go, Governor Martinez! In a recent radio interview with Laura Inghram, the Governor of New Mexico spoke against Texas Governor Rick Perry's support for DREAM Act tuition reductions for illegal immigrants

Governor Susana Martines is turning identity politics on its head. A Hispanic female and a Republican in a heavy Hispanic community, Governor Martinez' place

Ms. Martinez is a great example of ethnic, political, and moral integrity.

She is representing the true interests of her party in a growing Hispanic state.

She will not allow emotion to sway the proper integration of immigrants into the United States.

Governor Perry will face an uphill battle to win the Republican nomination if he insists on championing his DREAM act, all in the face of rising college costs and the growing liability of illegal immigration.

Perhaps Governor Martinez would consider running for President in 2016? Or 2020? Her Hispanic connections would assist in galvanizing the Latino community to adopt the limited government, individual responsibility values of the Republican Party.

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