Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ron Paul on Iran

Despite the warm reception that Ron Paul has received from Tea Party favorites, his foreign policy towards Iran is the most troubling to the party faithful.

Ron Paul points out that Iran depends on imports, cannot manage its own economic affairs without extensive assistance from the outside.

Paul believes that the Iranians are rational. They will not allow their government to bomb Israel with a nuclear weapon, an arsenal which they do not have.

Sadly, Islamic Terrorists are not rational. Religious fanaticism does not lend itself well to logical persuasion, and many fervent adherents to Sharia law are in no way limited by their own existence in furtherance of their views. Believing in the 72 virgins awaiting them when they die, there is no limit to the holding back.

They do do not care about the best interests of the Arab world, especially in regards to political and economic necessities. Whatever it takes, Ahmadinejad and followers want to usher in the second coming of their Religious Founder.

Still, from the limited perspective of civil government, the United State should divest itself of its domestic priorities and civil rights in order to defend itself from nuclear attack.

I am willing to compromise on the serious threat posed by a nuclear Iran if Ron Paul leads this nation into domestic tranquility. At least the United States would be fully funded to provide for its comment defense.

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