Monday, April 1, 2019

Defend Washington State Families: Tell Pierce County to Back Off Anti-Family Resolutions

The Pierce County, Washington Council is invested in more anti-family proposals. Tell them to leave families alone and stop with their proposed Stalinist encroachment with the following pieces of legslation:




These two pieces bills, if they pass, will allow county bureaucrats to go into individual family homes and grade the parents on how well they are (or are not) raising their children.
Yes, the government would be coming into individual homes--all of them, by the way--and start dictating to parents how they should raise their children.

What could be more ridiculous. What could be more preposterous than that?!

This is a globalist, full-on assault against parents, family, and children.

Contact the County Councilmembers below, and tell them NO! to both bills, and the reasons why (listed bel Chairman – Republican (may be on the fence)          Republican (on the fence)             Republican opposed                    Republican opposed               Democrat – sponsor of bill   Democrat – supporter of bill        Democrat – co sponsor of bill

Dave Morell and Doug Richardson are key to this vote and I think they’re both waffeling.

Votes tomorrow 4/2/19 at 3:00 p.m.

Vote No for just a few of the following reasons:

1.       Too intrusive.  Massive data collection. 
2.       We have parented our children for thousands of years just fine.  Most don’t need more government intervention.
3.       For those who do need assistance, there are already plans available to them.  We do not want more!
4.       No details on how this will be put into place and how much it will cost.  That’s irresponsible with taxpayers money.
5.       We do not want government’s values influencing our children.
6.       Policy was pushed by non-profits who do not share our family values.
7.       Even if we agreed, which we do not, you do not put a number to the cost of this program and how much you will attempt to extract from taxpayers.
8.       We are already taxed more than enough.

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