Monday, April 29, 2019

UPDATE! Official Complaint to Home Town Station, Santa Clarita re: Anti-MassResistance Bias

UPDATE (3:10pm):

Home Town Station owner Jeri Goldman spoke with me later today after I had sent the email below to the entire KHTS staff as well as contacts in Santa Clarita.

At first, she said that she would publish an article without mentioning the SPLC, but she told me to take down the post first. She also claimed that Home Town Station is a conservative news site. Two sources in Santa Clarita said "not really."

The article they posted for the April 27th, 2019 town hall certainly made that somewhat suspect.

Besides, why would any conservative news source want to make any refernence to the SOuthern Poverty Law Center? They have no credibility whatsoever!

I refused to take down the post.

Mrs. Goldman then said KHTS decided that they would not do a follow-up story after all. "Please take the post down," she asked.

I still refused. This is outrageous. Any news source or station which uses or even references the SPLC--the smearfest hate group--needs to be held accountable.

Please contact Home Town Station!

Tell them to:

1. Stop misrepresenting conservatives. 

2. Stop giving credence to hate groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

3. Stop denigrating residents of the state of California who attend town halls, even if they do not live in the district!

4. Get better interns and reporters who will fact-check and spell-check!

Phone Number: (661) 298-1220

Ask to speak with Carl or Jeri Goldman, the owners of the Home Town Station



To the owners/operators of Home Town Station:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance. We are the international pro-family gorup that makes the difference.

On April 27th 2019, I attended the Rep. Katie Hill town hall at the Santa Clarita City Council chambers. I handed out specific flyers detailing our organization's opposition to HR 5, the so-called "Equality Act", which Rep. Hill co-sponsored. I believe that Mr. Miller received a copy of that flyer.

I have included the flyer attached above.

Mr. Devon Miller contacted me about 30 minutes ago asking for information, explaining ot me that he wanted to do a follow-up story.

I must say that there are growing concerns I have about this reporter.

For starters, I had to tell him to make corrections in his initial report, linked below:

He had claimed that I had made a remark about climate change to the audience -- I had not, since that was not the issue I was focusing on. He had also neglected to mention "MassResistance", the organization for which I work and was present.

Even after all this, he still spelled my home city, Torrance, incorrectly -- "Torrence."

This make his journalistic standards quite suspect as it is.

Then he wanted to discuss the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed MassResistance a "hate group. I had to remind him that quickly and correctly the SPLC has  turned into a discredited hate group of its own.

I cannot believe any reporter would cite or include any reference to the SPLC -- it's just such terrible journalism, guilt by association, and nothing more. The organization has been the defendant in multipe lawsuits. Their co-founder Morris Dees was fired for sexual misconduct, racial slurs and animosity, and creating a hostile working environment at the SPLC headquarters in Alabama. The President of the Organizion, was forced to step down for not addressing the internal abuses within the orgnaizatsion, as well as the legal director. The FBI has rejected the SPLC as a genuine monitor of hate groups. Even the left-wing Washington Post no longer relies on them for anything substantive.

On top of that, Devon referenced that the LA Times labeled MassResistance a hate group. Seriously? Not true at all. In fact, the LA Times has relied on the same discredited labelling, specifically in an article written about me in 2017.

The truth is that the reporter for that LA Times article engaged in very little actual research of her own. I later found out that her mentor was Helen Thomas, the notorious anti-Semitic White House correspondent who bluntly declared "The Jews should get the hell out of Palestine." For those  remarks, Ms. Thomas wsa forced to retire -- but she still accepted awards from Terrorist-link organizations like the PLO.

The Orange County register featured me in another article, and they had enough professionalism to reject the corrupted reporting from the LA Times as well as the discredited defamation of the SPLC.

Why would any journalist play this "Guilt by association" game in writing? Why not just stick to the facts?

Last of all, Mr. Miller because indignant when I criticized this lack of journalistic integrity. "If you are going to take that tone with me, I am going to end this call." Excuse me?

Is this how journalists behave now?!

I insist that this radio/tv/website news source engage in true journalism, and not just "Gotcha" smearing.

Other residents in the Santa Clarita Valley and the greater North LA County regions will be informed about this lack of professionalism from Mr. Miller.

Please contact me as soon as possible on this matter.


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
(781) 890-6001

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