Thursday, April 11, 2019

RINO Shake-Down Artists Run RPLAC (Into the Ground)

The Party of Weasels, that’s what, has happened to the CRP and RPLAC.
We’ve become a party of self-serving weasels throughout the Golden State.  How did it happen? Who launched the coup that resulted in Republican’s becoming a “Super Minority”?
The answer is simple!
There was no coup, there was no revolution, and there was no victory at the ballot box.  We didn’t lose, we gave the Party away.
For far too long, too many in RPLAC have treated it like it was a sandbox to cavort around in not a machine to wage war with the Democrats.  Sadly, many of you are finding yourselves on that “Enemies List” created and kept by Weasel #1 and Weasel #2.
Who are these two weasels you ask? Weasel #1 is Andy Gharakhani, a “Never Trumper” and a puppet of Charles Munger and Luis Buhler. Weasel #2 is his sidekick Richard Sherman, the near comatose “Chair” of RPLAC.

RPLAC wasn’t stolen it was given away. Many of you reading this bear some of the shame for frittering away RPLAC to the likes of Gharakhani.  
RPLAC meetings when held are now patrolled by armed guards. If you’re on the Gharakhani Enemies List, those guards bar you from admission.
RPLAC under Gharakhani has become a pay for play operation. Many members complain about only being able to participate in RPLAC after they succumb to the shake down of coughing up $150 or more to join what’s called “The Chairman’s Circle”? 
Recently, Gharakhani decided that RPLAC would start selling endorsements.  Now, under Gharakhani’s edict, candidates desiring an RPLAC endorsement are required to cough up money to “The Chairman’s Circle”. Then and only then will they be allowed to speak before RPLAC?  
Is this not a “Kleptocracy” at its finest?
Unless and until RPLAC members decide they’re tired of submitting to Gharakhani’s whims and subsidizing his life style. Nothing will change.
Will the last RPLAC member standing, please turn off the lights?

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