Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Why California Republicans (Including RPLAC) Fail: The Kool Kidz' Parties

"Trump plays for keeps, unlike the squish-cons who play for media hugs and invitations to the kool kidz’ parties.".--Kurt Schlichter

The Cook Kids' table ...
where no one is really sitting
This sentiment sums up why California Republicans continue to fail and why controlled failure (as opposed to chaotic success) is the norm throughout the state of California.

The party leaders are more interested in scoring a few points, getting media interviews, getting pats on the head from the major corporate networks, and they want to be invited as the token Republican to key parties and guest panels.

They want to go to the nicest parties and by praised by corporate Democrats who tie them into their program so that they can feel good about themselves while lending a sense of "bipartisan" credentials to their destructive "progressive" agenda.

There is also the growing consultant class in California, Republican strategists, for lack of a better word, who just want to get rich managing campaigns, regardless of whether they win or lose. Mike Madrid, a "Republican consultant", is actively helping Antonio Villaraigose in his bid for governor. So is Hector Barajas! This is the race card at its worst.

Republican operatives and hired guns want to get behind Democrats. No wonder the state party is in such steep decline. Everyone wants Munger's money, and they want the media's love and attention.

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County is notorious for this kiss-up, kick-down mentality. They want to be liked and respected by a small, dwindling, and increasingly irrelevent cadre of liberal elites.

The cool kids table
are actually a bunch of self-involved losers
like RPLAC

In other words, they want to sit at the Cool Kids Table, or get invited to the Kool Kidz' Parties, ,as Kurt Schlichter commented. This addiction to attention, to the approval and favor of corrupted men looking to get rich off the hard work of others is downright pathetic. Working people throughout the state of Caliornia are suffering. We don't have time for controlled failure. We need victories, we need electoral wins in any way possible to shore up what's left of this state and Make California Great Again.

Who cares about the Cool Kids' Table? You and I can define cool wherever we choose to sit, and that's part of why Trump is the Master of Cool. Wherever he sits, he acts as though he is the Kool Kid, because, well, he is! 

We stand our ground for what we believe in, then we inspire others in turn to join with us. We live our the passion and power within ourselves, and when people see the grace, the charisma at work in our lives, they want to hang out with us. Whenever someone tries to bait others into saying and doing things in order to be considered part of the team, right away you can judge that such people are not cool to begin with.

It's too bad that we don't have real leadership in the state of California that is committed to defining cool, when they would rather listen to the losers with the money or the seeming pre-eminence on their side.

It's time for the grassroots in the state of California to define what cool really means, and it does not mean:

1. Spending money or political capital you don't have
2. To purchase or selling something you can't have or afford
3. To please people who really don't care.

The state of California has nothing cool to offer middle-income earners and working class families as long as the political establishment is more interested in enriching itself at the expense of everyone else. The whole American ideal, the American idea is all about rejecting this "cool kids' table" elitism from the outside.

Let's restore this to our California body politick!

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