Monday, January 8, 2018

Top Five Immigration Issues Facing Year 2018

Five Immigration Stories To Watch In 2018

KQED reports on the five major issues and challenges which will emerge in the United States regarding immigration.

 Here are my thoughts on these Top Five issues:


The Trump administration is moving to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, better known as DACA, leaving thousands of so-called DREAMers in limbo.

They are not in limbo. They are losing permits which they should have never received. Immigration attorneys which serve other immigrant communities, like British nationals, warned potential recipients not to sign up for DACA, since the program would probably get rescinded (since it was never constitutional to begin with).

Those wise attorneys should have then advised potential clients to leave the country and come back legally. This country has been generous enough. It's time for our lawmakers and executives to put Americans First.

The Obama-era program protects about 700,000 young people who were brought illegally to the U.S. as children, shielding them from deportation and allowing them to work legally. Those protections have already begun to expire for some, with thousands of DREAMers potentially at risk of deportation starting in March.

They are not "at risk" for deportation. It's coming, folks!

Polls show widespread support for allowing DREAMers to stay in the country, but a permanent fix has been elusive as Congress and the White House try to hammer out the details.

No there is not widespread support, especially when voters learn that nearly half the DACA recipients obtained those permits through fraud. Then there are the numerous crimes committed against Americans, along with the drag and degradation against our nation's environment, quality of life, and public safety.

No more illegals.

2. Travel ban

The administration scored a long-sought victory when the Supreme Court allowed the latest version of the president’s travel ban to take effect pending the outcome of several legal challenges.

Lower courts had blocked much of this travel ban, as well as earlier versions, partly because of concerns that they discriminate against Muslims. The latest travel ban covers many (though not all) travelers from six majority-Muslim countries, plus North Koreans and government officials from Venezuela.

Those lower courts need to be purged of wannabe SJW thugs more interested in pushing a corrupt, left-wing agenda rather than upholding our laws and adjudicating cases in line with federal and state statutes.

3. Border wall

This was arguably Trump’s signature issue on the campaign trail, and a reliable applause line at his big public rallies this year.

But progress has been slow.

The President needs to get moving on the wall, and he has plans to visit the prototypes very soon.

The administration has commissioned prototypes near the southern border outside San Diego. But Congress has yet to appropriate any money for construction. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to make Mexico pay for the wall, but officials there have said several times they will not do so.

That will change. Mexico is going to pay for that wall, one way or another, whether through remittance taxes or through cuts to foreign aid. Seizing the assets of cartel gangsters is another way, too.

Critics have questioned the need for the wall in the first place, especially since the number of immigrants trying to cross the border illegally has fallen to the lowest level in decades.

We need to the wall. We need the physical barrier to ensure that illegals in large numbers do not try to swarm our border.

4. Sanctuary cities

President Trump signed an executive order intended to punish so-called “sanctuary cities” that limit their cooperation with immigration authorities. Several of those cities pushed back, arguing that the administration can’t withhold federal money to coerce them into changing their immigration policies.

The Trump Administration has every right, every necessity to punish lawless cities who refuse to comply with federal immigration laws. These arrogant elected officials must be held accountable for defying the federal government and undermining their oaths of office.

So far, courts have ruled against the Trump administration. A federal judge in California issued an injunction partially blocking the executive order in a case brought by San Francisco and Santa Clara County. Judges in Chicago and Philadelphia also ruled against the administration.

These are liberal judges in liberal cities. They are not the final authority. Just wait until the United States Supreme Court rules on this matter, and watch all the funding get cut!

This is a battle that’s likely headed to appeals courts in the new year.

5. Employer crackdown

So far, the administration’s enforcement efforts have focused mostly on immigrants themselves, not on employers who hire undocumented workers.

The employers have ended up in the crosshairs, too. Don't doubt that! They have no business hiring illegal aliens, they have no right to push aside Americans workers to make an easy buck, while the rest of us pay the high costs. This is all wrong.

It's about time that the federal government started hitting hard against these greedy employers hiring illegals instead of Americans.

Trump administration officials say that will change next year. But past administrations found that workplace raids carried a high political price. The new year may reveal whether the White House has the stomach for a fight with the pro-business wing of the Republican Party.

Is this really a supposition? These liberals news organizations have no idea what they are talking about. They refuse to pay attention to the independent actions and leadership of President Trump against Main Street Partnership Republicans, who have been more interested in open borders and cheap labor rather than doing what is best for American workers.

The President has already rolled out incredible tax and regulatory reforms, all of which have helped the economy roar into recovery. He is not in the pockets of Big Business or Wall Street, however, since he got elected without their help!

Final Reflection

Immigration fights are on the forefront of the President's Agenda. He stood strong on these issues, ensuring that Americans would be put first, not illegals, and to ensure that businesses would be taken care of in this country, not the businesses in other countries around the world looking for easy markets.

Immigration was the signature issue which excited the national base for Trump, Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans. Also hatred of Hillary and the disgust with the corrupt political-media-academic trifecta more interested in mocking Americans rather than the respect their lives and values as honest people.

It's going to be a wild year in Washington DC and throughout the country. Bet on it!

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