Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Times Have Changed: Americans Not Afraid to Say "Deport the Nightmare 'Kids' First"

Ten years ago, I would never have believed that any writer, even one as controversial as Ann Coulter, would write a headline: "Deport the DREAMers First."

For the last two decades, Democratic operatives and open border bigots had pretty much cornered immigration enforcement activists with the "DREAMer" card. Congressman Ted Lieu repeatedly and snidely smears his Republican opponents about their minority outreach: "They want to reach out to Hispanic communities, then they announce that they want to deport their children."

These are vicious lies, and yet the rhetoric has been effective in its heavy handedness.

Until now.

After 30 years of a diminishing middle and working class in this country, have working and rural populations have endured the repeated attacks and degradation of their lives and livelihood because of illegal immigration, these sob stories and shame-based race-baiting attacks are no longer working. It doesn't matter how hard anyone may shame a mother or father, when an illegal alien has taken the life of their children, they will fight back to the very end.

And that's happening all over the country now. The American public has been shamed and demagogued enough about the plight of young illegal aliens. They are no longer receptive to these bitter arguments. It's bad enough that these young illegals claim that they were brought into this country through no fault of their own. It's something else for them to parade through city streets, shut down traffic and basic commerce, and then interrupt Congressional leaders during the press conferences and in their Washington DC offices.

They actually believe that they are entitled to stay in this country, even when they should never have been allowed into the country in the first place. This arrogance is badly played among them, and many voters in the United States, of all kinds of ethnic and national backgrounds, want no part of this.

Here we are in 2018, and Ann Coulter, already controversial by many standards, declares without hesitation "Deport the DREAMers" first. She refuses to be bullied into silenced with the guilt trip about the "poor children."

The DACA brats are not children. They are now nightmarish adults more interested in pushing a radical, leftist, anti-American agenda. They have not learned about this great country and its fundamental civic culture, either. It too many cases, they have not even assimilated into the American identity.

It's refreshing and wonderful that finally Americans not just in the media but around the country are not afraid to say "Deport all illegals." They do not hedge their best or refrain their views on issues like "They no know other country but this one" or "They were just little kids when they were brought here" and so on.

The fact is that no country is forced  to take in refugees from around the world, and no country has to undermine its civic code and the rule of law. These unheard of, anti-American globalist demands are patently offensive and contrary to the very notion of the nation-state. Times have changed, and American citizens are no longer afraid to speak out for the needs of Americans First, with a clear recognition that illegal aliens in our country should be returned to their home countries, regardless of their age or length of time living in the country.

Angel Moms and Dads have stood strong against the false narratives. Law enforcement officers are sending a loud message to the President and to Congress, too, that they want the freedom and resources to enforce the nation's immigration laws. The Acting Director of ICE demands at all costs that elected officials and their cities comply with all immigration laws, or they should be arrested and defunded.

We cannot continue to permit the dangers to and deaths of American cities. The damage wrought on this country because of illegal immigration and mass migration in general is coming to an end. Let's continue to keep up the pressure against Washington technocrats and Deep State bureaucrats to put Americans First and enforce all immigration laws.

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