Friday, January 5, 2018

Ohio Democratic US Senate Incumbent Fearful of Election 2018

Ohio is #7 on CNN's latest "10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2018" list
-- 1/3/2018
Three days into the New Year, and we're already on another list Arthur Christopher.

These lists are worrying to me on several levels. As an Ohioan, I don't want millions of special interest dollars to choose my Senator. I want Sherrod fighting for my family and me in Congress.

And as a campaign manager, making these lists mean one thing: This race will get more 
expensive. The more of these we show up on, the more special interest groups think they have a shot to replace Sherrod with one of their minions.

They'll invest even more to defeat Sherrod -- and we'll have to work that much harder to stop them.
If Sherrod is going to come out of this election victorious like we did in 2012, we need you Arthur Christopher. Sherrod needs to know we can count on you over the next ten months.


Justin Barasky
Campaign Manager
Friends of Sherrod Brown

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