Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Letter to President Trump Concerning DACA

Subject: Letter to D. Trump Concerning DACA
One of our California activists and Trump supporter sent me the letter she sent to Donald Trump concerning her opposition to a DACA / Dream Act amnesty.  I think it's an excellent letter, please feel free to use it or use it as a template for your own letter, but please send a letter to Donald Trump and let him know that Americans are opposed to the DACA amnesty.



Greg Aprahamian

Dear President Trump,

I am a resident of the not-so-golden state of California. I am a passionate, hardline conservative and supported your Presidential run since you announced on June 16, 2015. I fought off criticism for this from many “Republicans”, including my Senate/Assembly Representatives in Sacramento and the D.C. House of Representatives. However, the grass-roots people of  this State (numbering 4,483,810 voters) cast their ballot for YOU! That’s more than the population of 25 of the 50 states!

So PLEASE remember us out here as we are under the tyranny of the Democrat Progressive movement that cares more about illegal aliens and criminals than it does for American law-abiding citizens!  This state is totally upside down Constitutionally and what successes we do win keep being overruled by the liberal, progressive 9th Circuit Court.

We are tired of being harassed by the gun/ammo grabbers in California and we want our Second Amendment Rights FULLY restored.  We are tired of the abuse and financial burdens that illegal immigrants place on our system and we want the BORDER WALL built!  We do NOT agree with DACA, nor amnesty of ANY kind. No sanctuary ANYTHING!  Those who are not legally residing here, need to be deported immediately.  It appears that most illegal aliens do not care about being American – they just want what we can give them for “free”.  They do not wish to assimilate nor speak English (which is supposed to be the “official” language of California according to the state Constitution, Article III, Section 6). We want a sovereign nation where everyone is of one language, one flag and love being AMERICAN!   

  President Trump – this is exactly WHY I and millions of others voted for you as we believe you will follow our beloved Constitution and uphold your Oath. Please send the DOJ and ICE into California to force these City, County and State Legislatures to follow the Rule of Law.  If defunding California of federal monies is an option, you have our blessing. We are tired of feeling like we are living in a foreign land under a bureaucratic system controlled by the elite and “social justice warriors”.  We want to live in AMERICA again!

Thank you for listening to our concerns…

A Second amendment Female in Santa Clarita California

Put American Dreamers FIRST!

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