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Another Media Fail: Luis Mora, Latest Illegal Alien Liberal Media "Sob Story"

Luis Mora is a student at UC Berkeley.

Then he got arrested. He is set to be deported.

That's right--Mora is now an illegal alien. He had a VISA, but the legal status permit had lapsed, and he no longer has a right to remain in the country.

Of course, the open border bigots are raising their voices demanding his release, as though ICE and our federal law enforcement officials in general have no right to enforce our immigration laws.

The arrogance is stifling. What is the matter with these illiberal, illegal alien activists? No wonder Ann Coulter has declared her whole-hearted support for deporting the "DREAMers" first. These Nightmare Kids are an arrogant, destructive blot on our country's national fabric. 

Such is the result of lax attention to our immigration enforcement matrix for the last 16 years.

Those days are over.

 Jeff Schwilk reports:

The Rule of Law is back in America!  Even “non-criminal” illegals (an oxymoron) are being arrested and deported now under the new enforcement policies of the Trump Administration.   This attempted sob story by the far left, open border SDUT fails miserably.  Check out the comments under the article.  No sympathy for this foreign criminal who was hiding in our country after his visa expired and he refused to return home.  Now he’s going back home in handcuffs!

Here is the article printed in the San Diego Union-Tribune (which cannot give away subscriptions fast enough, since fewer people want to read the paper):

A man [illegal alien] visiting his girlfriend for the holidays after his first semester as a transfer student at UC Berkeley was arrested by Border Patrol agents at an immigration checkpoint in Jamul.

The press goes to immediate lengths to depict the illegal alien as an innocent young man or woman, a person who has done nothing wrong.

Luis Mora, 20, and his girlfriend Jaleen Udarbe, 21, were on their way home from a party around 10 p.m. on Saturday when they missed a turn and ended up at the checkpoint.  Mora has been detained in a temporary holding cell in a Border Patrol station since then.

“Luis Mora was found in violation of his visa condition,” said Tekae Michael, a spokeswoman for Border Patrol in the San Diego sector.  “Currently, Luis Mora is listed in DHS custody.  This is all the information I have on the subject at this time.”

Mora became an unauthorized immigrant after he came to the U.S. from Colombia as a child and overstayed his visa, Udarbe said. (Highlight added)

He overstayed his VISA. He was in violation of the previously provided legal status. He had no further right to remain in the country. He was in violation of our country's immigration laws. The police had every right to detain him and set him up for deportation.

He grew up in the San Diego area and went to Otay Ranch High School.  He met Udarbe in an honors society at Southwestern College, and they’ve been together for almost a year.
In December, he told her about his immigration status. It didn’t bother her, she said, but it did make her worry about him.

“He said it’s really hard to be a U.S. citizen here,” Udarbe said. “He’s been trying, but they just won’t let him.”


No one has an entitlement to become a citizen of the United States if they were not born in this country.

Give me a break!

Luis Mora is an illegal alien. He no longer has a right to move freely within the United States.

This is not breaking news.
This is law enforcement coming back to normal

This social media virtue signaling is not working anymore, liberals!

Because of the campaign, Prerna Lal of the East Bay Community Law Center, a lawyer who represents unauthorized immigrant students at UC Berkeley, is now working on Mora’s case.
Since Mora is still in Border Patrol custody, it’s more difficult for her to communicate with her client, Lal said.  She didn’t want to comment on details of his case before meeting with him in person.

The Union-Tribune was unable to interview Mora because he is in Border Patrol custody.
He will eventually be transferred to a longer-term detention facility by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal agency responsible for carrying out deportations.
Lal doesn’t know why Mora hasn’t been transferred to such a facility.  Mora told Udarbe that more than 60 people are detained with him at the Border Patrol station, slowing down processing.

I wonder when the liberal newspapers will start interviewing the American mothers and fathers whose children were murdered by illegal aliens.

Lal hopes that ICE officers will agree to release Mora while his case is pending so that he can return to UC Berkeley in time for the semester starting in mid-January.  By law, ICE can only hold people if the agency believes that they won’t show up for their court dates or that they are dangerous to society.

Neither applies to Mora, Lal said.

If ICE will give him a bond, the university will help pay it, she said.

WHAT?! Who is paying for this bond? I have never heard of a university providing a similar grant or service to American-born students.

What is with this obsession with illegal aliens? Local and state governments go out of their way to promote illegal immigration and ignore the needs of American citizens and their students. This whole thing is a joke. When does this madness end?

“It should be simple,” Lal said. “It doesn’t serve anyone’s interest to keep him for longer.”
Mora is studying political science and has dreams of going to law school. In 2016, he was selected for the Young Latino Champion award given out by the San Diego Union-Tribune.
At the time, he told the Union-Tribune that for him, a successful life would mean helping as many people as possible.

The enforcement of our nation's immigration laws serves everyone, even those in the country illegally. People all over the country flee from their home countries because of the rampant lawlessness.

Then they contribute to it?!

“I like to show that you can make an impact in your community no matter who you are,” Mora said. “What inspires me is seeing how little things can make a big change.”

I have a clear-cut answer for this activist enthusiasm:

Mora’s mother is in Ecuador, and his father died a few years ago, Udarbe said.

More sob story info. Not buying it this time.

After the two began dating, her family became his family. He calls Udarbe’s mother, “Mom.”
Udarbe took the Union-Tribune to see where she should’ve turned from Campo Road onto Otay Lakes Road. In the process, she had to drive through the checkpoint again. Though she is a U.S. citizen, she tensed as she looked for her ID before driving up to the agent.
“I’m traumatized,” she said. “It’s a scary process to be in.”

I wonder what the reporters would have to say or write about Angie Morfin, Kate Steinle, Drew Rosenberg, Nancy Duran, Dominic Durden, and the thousands of other American families divided for life because an illegal alien murdered them.

The sob stories, the pity belongs to Americans, not for the rest of the world.

Udarbe hopes that sharing Mora’s story will not only help him, but also other young unauthorized immigrants, known as dreamers, who are hoping Congress will pass legislation giving them a pathway to citizenship.

They are not "unauthorized", they are illegal. No legislation for illegal aliens, but let's have legislation to protect American citizens!

But now we see the latest hint of the modus operandi of the liberal media in conjunction with the open borders lobby to push for amnesty, amnesty, amnesty at any costs.

Nope! Not working this time!

Jeff Schwilk encouraged his readers to look at the comments for the article about Luis.

I am printing them below for you to see that the readers in San Diego have nothing but disdain for this arrogant illegal and the enabling activists who want to protect him while undermining our nation's immigration laws:

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    This guy is studying at Berkeley but the naturalization process is "too hard"? priorities dude. go through the process and become a citizen. You're obviously smart enough.
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        Awesome story! The rule of law is back in America. This guy was 100% ILLEGAL ALIEN and now he's going home! Keep 'em coming, Kate. You rock!
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            If the glove fits, you must deport.

            Bye-bye Bear... that's one less vote for Communism.

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