Thursday, March 26, 2015

Luis Gutierrez: Treason in our Midst

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), a progressive fixture of gerrymandered Chicago politics, is a race-baiting rabble-rouser who opposes President Obama for not going far enough on immigration “reform”. The brown version of “Crazy Black Lady” Maxine Waters, the male version of statist, regressive partisans Barbara Lee and Sheila Lee Jackson (without the lollipops), Gutierrez has traveled across the country justifying and expounding upon President Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional, and unconscionable executive amnesty.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)

Perhaps the Congressman should reread Article One, Section Eight of the United States Constitution:
The Congress shall have Power. . . To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;
His first stop on his 2015 Executive amnesty tour? Providence, Rhode Island.
Why the Ocean State? Submerged in unrepentant liberalism, Democrats dominate the corrupted state house ten-to-one (OK, nine and a half). The former state Speaker of the House was forced to resign, then jailed for bribery and corruption, yet replaced by another illiberal Democratic. Residents still love President Obama, and illegal aliens take advantage of generous government handouts, all paid for by Rhode Island’s dwindling tax base of middle class homeowners and business entrepreneurs.
Besides, Gutierrez has already been there, welcomed by fellow liberal Congressman, and amnestarian David “Grant Theft Auto” Cicilline (D-RI), with a gran abrazo in 2014. This year, Cicilline welcomed him again, in broken Spanish and deceptive English while blaming Republicans for the broken immigration system. From 2009-2011, Democrats controlled Congress and the Presidency, they still did nothing. So much for “Keeping Families United”.
Gutierrez received glowing, even divine praise: “He’s been the nation’s most effective and powerful voice of the necessity for fixing our broken immigration system. Luis has been described as the patron saint of immigration reform.”
Megyn Kelly sparred with Gutierrez
The Chicago politician has visited Charlotte, North Carolina, and was rallying illegal alien enthusiasts in Houston, Texas, where anti-amnesty protestors have already raised their voices against Gutierrez’ rampant lawlessness. Yet for all the purported support he claims to acquire, Gutierrez met his match at the University of Southern California, where in another attempt to promote executive amnesty, citizen protestors shouted down him and his bureaucratic cohorts throughout the meeting.
This clip has been making the rounds throughout the conservative and Tea Party blogs, including sites in deep blue Maryland (which has a Ruby Red Republican Governor for the first time on nearly two decades) but it’s time for more widespread audiences to know that even in deep blue California, where the Golden State’s luster has been tarnished by public sector union rapacity, unfettered illegal immigration, and welfare legacies, concerned Americans are witnessing for a rebirth of freedom, the rule of law, and limited government.
A brief introduction exposes that the Congressman’s public forum was anything but public, to be conducted in Spanish, with questions screened and written down. No one would be permitted to ask Gutierrez a question directly. Where is the representative democratic process in these administrative hindrances?
Entering the USC meeting hall, expecting a standing ovation, Gutierrez was greeted with boos and shouts of treason and shame. Protestors off all colors stood throughout the room, refusing to sit down and be quiet. Gutierrez is actively breaking the law, ignoring the orders of a federal judge, and undermining the United States Constitution, engaging in this treason across the country. These courageous Americans refused to let him get away with it.
Illegal alien enthusiasts attempted to drown out the negative crowd with shouts of “Si, se puede!”, complete with socialist power fist pumping. Anti-illegal immigration enthusiasts shouted back “USA! USA! USA!” and they drowned out the forum hosts.
“More people in here speak English than Spanish!” “In English!” the shouts continued.
The initial spokeswoman begged for quiet, but the protestors refused to respect the illegal amnesty presented by Gutierrez and his office cohorts. Finally, a police officer arrived, and explained the rules of the forum and the laws of the state of California. The irony was lost on the police officer, but the American members of the audience rallied all the more against Gutierrez’ promotion of illegal alien amnesty. The Constitution gives them the right to speak, to petition their government, and yet they must listen to an aggravated politician preach treason?
American Protestors rallying against Gutierrez at USC
(The Gateway Pundit)
The crowd settled down for Gutierrez to begin addressing the forum, but only in Spanish, despite the repeated affirmations earlier that the meeting would be conducted in English as well. Gutierrez opponents still understood some of what he said, including one concerned citizen who shouted “Don’t play the race card!”
Finally forced to stop after only thirty minutes, Gutierrez slipped out of the meeting, with shouts of “Where are you going, Luis?” following after him.
Despite the dire straits of porous borders and derelict representatives, courageous Americans are standing up and demanding that the federal government listen, respect the rule of law, and uphold the Constitution. Treasonous cowards like Gutierrez are fleeing. Should someone so intent on upending the rule of law in this country can remain in office any longer? Gutierrez may join the list of 2016 NRCC Donkeys destined for early retirement.


  1. Another P U P P E T !

  2. About time I am hearing protesters. Rallying. & a loud shout to silence a traitorous speech of propaganda. It takes courage to send these cowardly cockroaches back into there deep dark corners . I salute them.

  3. Luis is not for the American people and i wish someone would silence him forever...We need Government for America not for illegals