Thursday, March 5, 2015

CA Democratic Party's "Dispelled" Resolutions

While the Marginalized Media looks for every Republican Party failure and source of division, including the recent divisions over chartering the homosexual lobby Log Cabin Republicans, the media might want to spend more time looking into the dysfunction as well as dissention among Democratic operatives.

Consider the latest set of resolutions from the California Democratic Party, and their resistance to school choice and labor reform in public education:

Supporting California's Public Schools and Dispelling the Corporate "Reform" Agenda

For the record, "dispel" means:

make (a doubt, feeling, or belief) disappear:

Not "dispel", but diminish or dispute would have been the appropriate word. At any rate, the poor wording and editing on this state political party resolution should dispel any notion that the Democratic Party really cares about education.

Furthermore, any concerned reader should balk at Democratic Party agendas blasting corporate influence. George Soros, in connection with, run their national campaign initiatives on corporate money. The United States Chamber of Commerce endorsed Democrat Scott Peters against Carl DeMaio in the CD-52 election last year, too.

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Presidential nominee, is cratering in part because of her corporate connections (including the tens of thousands of dollars she gets for speaking engagements). The Sunlight Foundation exposed that a number of liberal corporate interests were helping Democratic candidates through independent PACs, too.

In a heavily opinionated, if not outright screed-filled, resolution item, the California Democratic Party attacks Students First, then blasts the supposed corporate influence  in public education.

The resolution is filled with mistakes, poor word choice, grammar errors, and unprofessional hyperboles.

Three teachers unions were reportedly involved in the presentation and final drafting of this resolution. The Democratic Party claims to champion education, yet in a poorly worded and edited resolution against Republican corporate privatization of public education, California Democratic Party leaders established that they are more interested in protecting labor unions than providing a quality education for all California kids, or even expecting a minimal standard of communication fro party leaders.

When will the California state media report on these repeated foul-ups of the Democratic Party?

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