Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boston Globe: Run, Warren, Run!

Chicago native, former Saul Alinsky acolyte, First Lady, US Senator, Presidential Candidate, and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is the inevitable Democratic nominee for President, again.

Hillary Clinton (Truth Revolt)

Democratic leaders in California are already launching “Ready for Hillary” fundraisers. Local activists tout Clinton’s margins of victory in hypothetical match-ups against all known potential Republican contenders, gleefully anticipating another four to eight years of the Democratic Party holding the White House (although likely facing a Republican held Congress).
Democrats are singing: “We’re gonna party like it’s 1992!”. Hoping for another Bush (Jeb) v. Clinton (Hillary) contest, Democrats hope that the former First Lady of the first “Black” President will become the First Lady President in US History. After pulling the lever for the first Black President, and the black eye this country has suffered continuously on account f it, progressive statists and illiberal Democrats want to roll the identity politics dice a second time, and hope that a Woman President will make it all better. Why not go all the way and select a gay, handicapped, elderly Hispanic, and check all the left-wing boxes at once?

Hillary is so inevitable, that the media class, and the low intelligence voters who think them intelligent, have started getting border. Just like in 2008, where Clinton nearly won against a younger, sprier, and much more naïve and dangerous challenger, Hillary is crashing and burning under the weight of her own certainty, and the liberal penchant for identity politics and ideological hubris.

From her frequent gaffes about businesses and her poverty after leaving the White House in 2001, and now the damaging revelations of using a private server for her official Secretary of State email correspondence, Clinton ship is taking on water, and tanking in the public eye. In her latest press conference at the UN, staged to a fault with foreign press asking soft-ball questions, Clinton gave forced answers, which prompted more questions rather than relief.
Clinton Faces Email-Gate (The
She had one private account because she did not want the inconvenience of two, yet two weeks prior she admitted in a friendly forum her ownership of two cellphone devices, with their own servers, no doubt. If her technology skills are so lacking, is she competent enough for the White House? What record does she have to run on? A first lady who helped wipe out Democratic majorities in Congress following the heedless pursuit of single-payer HillaryCare? Her middling, unknown term in the US Senate is known for voting for the War in Iraq, which brought down her 2008 Presidential bid. And then there’s the eight years of Barack Obama which Hillary Clinton will have to explain, ignore, or run away from.

Hillary Clinton’s time is running out, and Democratic partisans want someone else, and fast. Already, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is the head, the heart and soul of the political organization: wiped out in Washington and disappearing across the country (except in bankrupted municipalities governed by public sector unions, welfare recipients, and illegal aliens). Iowa Democrats admitted their yearn for someone more liberal.

Independent Socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) indicated numerous problems with Hillary Clinton last year, too Establishment and Wall Street oriented, ignoring the needs of a collapsing middle class. To this day, he is still deciding whether to run for President (and under which banner, either Indie or Dem).
Another name has been making the background ranks, complete with living room meet and greets, emails, letters, and online petitions:

US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts).
From a purely political perspective, Warren is one of few Democrats to win election in the last four years. Warren has harnessed the populist Left with uncompromising zeal, railing against Big Business and Big Banks, yet loving Big Labor and pushing for Big Government. She is everything a progressive activist would want. She voted against the last-minute CRomnibus bill. She pulled together a list of Progressive Commandments. She attracts the attention of Left and Right, with pure ideology floating her viability. Plus she is a woman, which would appease the yearning guilt of the Democratic Party itching to elect the First Woman President.

If the momentum from weren’t enough, the Boston Globe just published an editorial from activist Anna Galland, dumping Clinton and urged Senior Senator Warren to run. Calling her “the country’s leading advocate for working and middle-class families,” Galland suggests that Hillary’s implosion leads to Warren’s explosion, a Presidential candidate to stop income inequality and inordinate power of corporate lobbyists over the “regular people.
More Democrats should join the chorus for Warren as 2016 Democratic nominee, the true representative of the Democratic Party.

Republicans should hope for a Warren candidacy, and expose the new Democratic Party, hypocritical to its roots, populist face with an elitist spirit, playing up class warfare while creating it, shrouded in the blind faith of Obama’s “Hope and Change” fanaticism. A strong, Republican candidate would shut out the Dems’ 21ST century version of Walter Mondale. Instead of 1992, Republicans will party like it’s 1984, just as conservative icon Ronald Reagan swept nearly every state in the union.

Run, Warren, Run!

Run, Liz, Run! (Truth Revolt)

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