Saturday, March 7, 2015

MoveOn Hates On Bibi

Jo Comerford (

Jo Comerford of released the latest e-blast following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's third speech before the joint session of Congress:

Dear MoveOn member,

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress at the invitation of House Speaker John Boehner. It was a breach of American protocol and an insult to President Obama. But more importantly, it was an attack on America's diplomatic efforts to limit Iran's nuclear program.
Wrong on every count. Speaker John Boehner had the right and the authority to invite Prime Minister Netanyahu, especially as President Obama's foreign policy failures make the world a less safe place. From apology tours to appeasement wars, the current executive is no Commander-in-chief, spending more time on the golf course than in the White House working with his generals and attending military staff.
Netanyahu's influence didn't end with the speech. Immediately after the address, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted to rush legislation that could derail the negotiations.1 And major newspapers across the nation had Netanyahu on their front pages this week, amplifying his assault on the diplomatic talks.2
Would someone explain why anyone in this country cares what newspapers across the country say about Prime Minister Netanyahu? The marginalized media has been covering up for President Obama since his election 2008. Every scandal under his administration has been blamed on President Bush or the Republicans, including the latest setback from the Democrats in Congress to block funding for the Department of Homeland Security.
All told, Netanyahu's presence has supercharged the war hawks' efforts to thwart diplomacy—which is why we need to supercharge our own efforts to create the space for negotiations to work.
So we're hitting the phones, planning visits to key Senate offices, and designing hard-hitting ads calling out Democratic senators by name—if we can raise the funds to do it.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Netanyahu is not pleading for war, but peace at all costs is not worth the cost. The world has witnessed the left-wing appeasement agenda, which enabled blood-thirsty dictators to conscript, arrest, then exterminate millions of "undesirable" people.
There can be no peace if there is nothing but moral equivalence and unready unease to call evil what it is. should be ashamed ogf itself for shaming the Israeli Prime Minister and key legislators who support Israel and a strong military to fight back against global menaces like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Iran, a nation-state sponsor of terror in the Middle East as well as around the world.
Can you chip in $3 to ensure that President Obama's approach to Iran—not John Boehner's or Benjamin Netanyahu's—has a chance?
Yes, I'll chip in.

Together with allies, MoveOn members' efforts so far have helped preserve the diplomatic process. Key Democrats have halted McConnell's anti-diplomacy blitz.3 But this success amounts to only a temporary reprieve. 
What diplomacy is left when the other side refuses to recognize one side's right to exist? Such is the stance of the radical Islamic government in Iran.
Now, we have three weeks before a potential vote could derail the nuclear talks once and for all—three weeks to solidify enough Democrats behind the president that we can give diplomacy a chance.
No one has signaled a push to upend discussion or diplomacy. But force becomes necessary when persuasion in good faith, coupled with necessary sanctions, do not succeed.
Diplomacy is a delicate balancing act. We can't know if these talks will succeed—but we do know that we can't afford the alternative: another Mideast war. We need to give the talks the time and space to succeed.

King Abdullah of Jordan

The group does not read the papers after all (unless the editors and editorials are bashing Israel and blaming America for the world's woes.) There are already wars breaking out throughout the Arab countries. The King of Jordan strapped on his military gear and personally joined the fight against Islamic terror. Our President picked up the links and went golfing, again.

When Netanyahu spoke to our Congress, at the invitation of Speaker John Boehner and without reaching out to the White House, he attempted to slam the door on diplomacy. Members of Congress have heard from him—now, let's make sure they hear from us.

Lies. Damned lies, and no statistics or evidence to prove otherwise.

We have three weeks to make the case for diplomacy louder and clearer than the case for endless war. 

Who writes these emails? They should be fired for breach of trust, morals, and contract.

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