Saturday, March 28, 2015

Can Pro-Life Movement Help Pro-Marriage Movement?

The pro-life movement is strong than ever in the United States.

A majority of Americans support life, and want to see reasonable restrictions on abortion.

The War on Women rhetoric employed by Democratic Partisans no longer works. Republicans have taken away this issue by supporting contraception, as long as no life is terminated in the process.

The pro-life movement is gaining because of technology.

People are getting more accurate glimpses of what takes place inside the mother's womb. The intricacies of life in development are no linger in a dark unknown.

Men and women, regardless of their political or spiritual leanings, recognize the intense complexities in the human embryo at conception.

Life begins at conception, and the technological innovations prove this revelation.

Technology in medicine, but social media also has proliferated awareness about the deep complexities, and thus sanctity of life.

I have friends who were pro-choice, now are pro-life, including a confirmed atheist who also supports gay marriage.

Anyone who remains pro-choice either operates from a limited circumstance, or holds to an ideological talking point.

What has it taken to induce people to adopt a pro-life stance? More information.

Yet the arguments from individuals with the best of intentions follows: "I believe that a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body."

More information reveals that many women do not view the abortion issue as a matter of liberty with their bodies, but respect for life at all levels. The majority of women voters favor restrictions on abortion, for example.

Choice is not the fighting point for many people. Pro-life is moving forward, because men and women understand that life in all its fullness gets set at the outset, and technology has enabled us to understand and persuade others.

If technological innovations have facilitated our understanding blessed intimacy of life at conception, would it be possible to present similar hard evidence to promote marriage, between one man and one woman?

What evidence can we start presenting to concerned or confused citizens about the importance of respecting marriage as an institution recognizing one man and one woman in matrimony?

Can this argument be made?

Marriage is one man and one woman:
The evidence is there
People just need to know about it!

I believe that it can.

From poring over stacks at the university library, I learned that a diversity of research and statistics supports the argument that homosexuality is neither innate nor genetic. Furthermore, psychological reports confirmed that same-sex conduct hurts individuals, and historical accounts recognized the long-term damage to the break-down of family units.

Too many pro-marriage forces have appealed to religious sentiment to justify their support for life and marriage. Never should pro-life forces fear science, for our expanded understanding of the natural world merely affirms spiritual revelation.

The same holds true for marriage. It is not enough to thump the Bible. We have to read it. It is not enough to expect non-religious, or non-spiritual people to accept our views because of revelation. They need scientific evidence.

And the evidence for marriage exists, beyond the traditions of men, or the precepts of religious fervor.

It's time for pro-family forces to mobilize their interest and information on this front. We have to advance beyond "I believe that marriage is for one man and one woman", and explain why marriage in any other fashion cannot make any sense or have any value in terms of life liberty.

The pro-life movement has gotten stronger because of science, research, and statistical evidence made plain. The same measures will help the public remember why marriage is important, and why marriage can only be between one man and one woman.

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