Thursday, March 12, 2015

The California Democratic Party's Other Candidate: Marcus Hardie

California Democrats feel assured that their prized candidate, Attorney General Kamala Harris, will run away with retiring US Senate Barbara Boxer's seat.

Her announcement has thrown off older, more experienced liberals in the state who have waited for years for an opening. While Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has rejected a US Senate bid (he sees the Sacramento Governor's mansion in his midst), and Jerry Brown may consider (another) run for the Presidency, a host of Congressmen may see their one chance to continue the retread progressive policies of the Marin County Supervisor who upended the Berman-Waxman Machine in Los Angeles twenty years ago.

Adam Schiff, Loretta Sanchez, Julie Chu, among other California Democratic lesser lights are looking at a bid. Liberal Latinos slighted by the Sacramento Democratic Club, are skulking about for another candidate, now that former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has declined to run (why give up the lucrative consultant contracts?)

There is another Democrat running for US Senate in California, who has received little press, likely because of his weird coterie of comments and ideas:

Marcus Charles Hardie.

One of his latest articles appeared on The Huffington Post, and the agenda he presses should alarm anyone, even the most ardent of liberal activists:

Gay People Are Gods: Protecting LGBT Communities Is a Divine Right'

Wow! So, where would Harvey Milk fit in this rainbow pantheon? A martyr to the cause, perhaps? The Patron Saint of Twinkies (since that was the offensive defense proffered for the assailant who killed him).

In the first few paragraphs, Hardie relates the harrowing violence of a (supposedly) gay man getting beat down in a Long Beach ghetto. No matter what one's sexual behavior, no one should suffer such abuse. This criminal activity needs to be dealt with, and yet Hardie as a nine year old said nothing, as many in crime-infested areas remain silent: "Snitches get stitches".

Today, as I reflect upon the pain inflicted on this particular gay man, I am inspired with a new dream -- not only an aspiration for LGBT equality -- but a dream of gay empowerment. For without power there can be no true security or freedom of choice.

File:Marcus "Mark" Hardie in dormitory at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.jpg
Marcus Hardie at UC Hastings College of Law

Gay empowerment? He might be just in time, since the California Republican Party just chartered the LGBT Log Cabin Republicans a few weekends ago.

I have a dream today that gay people and lesbians will have a vested and inalienable right to universal marriage equality backed by the power of law. Gay marriage is not only a civil right to be enacted by governments, but it is a fundamental human right bestowed by the almighty hands of God.

Hardie's theology is flawed, to say the least, an the list of comments below this column demonstrate that many right-thinking, and even modern liberal minded readers did not agree with Hardie's take on marriage.

Then the US Senate candidate proposed the following for protecting gay people:

Today, in a major step towards fulfilling this lofty dream of social justice, I submitted an innovative proposal to the offices of California State Senator Mark Leno and California Assembly Member David Chiu.

Just a reminder: State Senator Mark Leno perpetuates anti-gay stereotypes, once explaining his vote on an issue as: "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

Really? It appears that Leno is giving into the effeminate stereotype of homosexual men.

My proposal calls for the creation of "California LGBT Police Departments" throughout the Golden State. These police departments, funded by the state, would be staffed exclusively by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender police officers. The goals of these proposed "LGBT Squads" are to better serve communities while minimizing troubling incidents of anti-gay violence.

A homosexual police force is Hardie's vision for a better California. No discussion about improving our poorly funded, badly managed public schools, or even pension reform, school choice, right-to-work provisions (giving employees the choice whether to join a labor union instead of requiring membership as a condition of employment). He could have discussed tort reform or business friendly policies hich would invite young people and experienced entrepreneurs to invest in California rather than look for the earliest chance to leave the state.

No: Hardie wants a hardy Gay Police Force.

I believe it is important for heterosexual people and homosexual people to love and respect one another regardless of sexual orientation or transgender identity. However, it is also vital for LGBT communities to wield police power backed by the force of law. In other words, we must not only demand "gay rights," but we must also demand "gay power."

They should wield power. What would they do with this power?  Would Hardie's police force arrest State Sen. Leno for his "bigoted" remarks? Beat down anyone who does not recognize marriage other than between one man and one woman? Violence perpetrated against anyone is evil,  and must be punished. Granting unjust, biased power to one group of people in a police force only invites more abuse, corruption, and malfeasance.

Plus: the militancy of homosexual activists should alarm California residents. Here are two listed in this column. What about other Americans? What about Asians in California, and the abuse they suffer? African-Americans are getting killed in disturbing numbers, too, and by other black people. Hardie should be discussing this pathology of violence and murder in other black communities.

The rantings of this column remind some readers of the failed Democratic US Senate candidate from Montana, state senator Amanda Curtis, who didn't have a cloud's chance on a sunny summer day in the Big Sky State of winning the seat to replace disgraced Army vet John Walsh, who had replaced the Democratic cynic Max "Obamacare is a train wreck" Baucus.

As far as homosexuality is concerned, the growing resistance to "the gay agenda" suggests that otherwise intimidated critics are no longer afraid to publish the truth about the sexual behavior. Not only challenging its purported genetic origins, recent articles from have researched and reported on the growing health problems associated with homosexual conduct. Other sources, including the Family Research Council, have assembled accounts and stats exposing the consequences of homosexual conduct.

Do they really need body guards? Or do they rather need to be protected from themselves? A free society and a limited government is based on the rule of law, but also the basic recognition of human dignity, including the choices of sexual behavior. Better yet, love and respect in tandem with grace and truth are the call to order.

As for the California Democratic Party, and their latest candidate to announce a bid to replace retiring Barbara Boxer, Democrats might want to declare Hardie an illegitimate candidate and shut his whole campaign down.


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    1. I would like to see lots of Democratic Congressmen throw their hats into the ring. At least it would force the CA Democratic Party to spend millions holding onto seats rather than gaining any in 2016.

  2. Who knows. . .they better come up with someone serious, who is not trying to incite police force in the name of "equal rights".

  3. Wouldn't mind if my congresswoman ran, at least it would open up a vacancy in the house, in fact the more the better, lets see if we can get a ton of the incumbent representatives and assembly/state senate to run for the office and open up a bunch of elections.'

  4. My name is Mark Charles Hardie. I am a candidate for President of the United States and United States Senator representing California. If elected both president and senator in 2016, I will not accept the senate seat. I am the leading candidate. The people want Hardie.

    This article is about my campaigns and my efforts to improve America. I support gay and lesbian rights. The goal of my Huffington Post essay is to protect LGBTIQ communities from violence, intimidation, and crime. However, I am also a man of faith and a believer in God Almighty.

    I notice the author does not mention that I am an American-Israeli dual citizen. I notice the author does not mention that I was a commando in the Israel Defense Forces and that I also served in the United States Army during the Global War on Terror. I notice the author does not mention that I am an attorney at law who graduated from the oldest law school in California.

    I will be the next president of the United States, because I am the best leader in the world. I was born to lead. It is my manifest destiny to be leader of the free world. I will provide opportunity to all while requiring responsibility from all. My policy is called "Compassionate Responsibility".

    I have invited former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and former United States Senator Jim DeMint to serve on my global security team.

    I propose the development and deployment of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) to enhance America's nuclear triad. I am in the process of creating the "Department of American Strategic Defense" to focus on SDI and other critical matters. I have invited Mr. Charlie McMillian, director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Mr. Bill Goldstein, director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to serve as strategic scientific consultants in the new department.