Thursday, March 12, 2015

About Measure O Fail

Local elections generally do not generate a great deal of excitement.

The uproar over oil drilling in Hermosa Beach, with Measure O, however, attracted national as well as local attention. The measure failed three to one. No surprise there.

I fear that some Measure O advocates did not answer fears about potential oil spills and explosions.  No wants an Exxon-Valdez disaster along our coasts. However, that disaster was nearly three decades ago. Technology has advanced, delivery of energy supplies has improved, and emergency response times have grown more efficient over time. One Hermosa Beach resident told me that if the safeguards were clear and convincing, he would have supported Measure O.

Consider this example, which demonstrates the worst-case scenario.

The media and environmentalist groups don’t talk about the 2010 oil spill along the Gulf Coast. British Petroleum went into high gear, not just with strong PR campaigns (including the resignation of the CEO, who went sailing will oil was filling up the Gulf Coast). They went to work and cleaned up the mess. The commerce, wildlife, and tourism industries have never been better in the region. Anyone whose business was harmed received remuneration from BP and assistance from the federal government.

One Hermosa Beach resident, who voted for Measure O, told me that in Torrance one can pass twenty derricks and never see or smell anything.

Let us keep in mind that energy exploration will always have risks, but those potential concerns have been greatly mitigated over the past decade.


  1. That oil isn't going anywhere. We'll get to it. This election was a good primer for the next one. I think you're right, Arthur--supporters did not do enough to answer fears about potential oil spills and explosions. The opposition came on strong with their scare tactics. Many of the supporters, myself included, looked on the bright side, which was the financial side of it. This would have been a boon to the City. Any potential and highly unlikely problems did not concern me as I saw this as a sound project. Someone's gonna get that oil. I hope Hermosa Beach has no regrets if its not us.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope that people in Hermosa Beach will soon realize that oil drilling in itself is not a bad thing and that technology has vastly improved the process to protect people and help cities profit from those resources.

  2. Masure O was defeated 4 to 1. People do want heavy industry adjacent to residential neighborhoods. South Bay Jane should move to Bakersfield.

  3. Measure O was defeated 4 to 1.

  4. No regrets from the voters. The voters crushed Measure O 4 to 1. The settlement agreement calls for a payment to the oil company of $17.5 million. A small price to pay to keep out city drill free, industrial free - beautiful. It is a managable debt and the city has adequate resources to execute this. Hermosa Beach has a history of defeating oil. The oil company should recognize this and close shop. They will never drill in Hermosa Beach.