Saturday, March 7, 2015

Destined for Stardom: Elizabeth Warren and Susana Martinez

The McLaughlin Group has been airing reruns for the past two week, replaying the 2014 Best Category Awards.

This week, the broadcast revisited the Award for "Destined for Political Stardom in 2015."

US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
Pat Buchanan mentioned US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts:

PAT BUCHANAN, AUTHOR & COLUMNIST: Elizabeth Warren. Eleanor has a leader, and Hillary has a problem.



. . .

MCLAUGHLIN: Is Elizabeth Warren your leader?

CLIFT: I think she's bringing a very important message to the country, but I think Hillary is hearing it, too. 

Eleanor Clift is the figure-head liberal on the McLaughlin Group. She will preach the pro-populist, progressive line, whether her talking points line up with reality, or not. Her comments elicit the greatest ire as well as derision from conservative viewers, and yet John McLauglin should be commended for allowing her on the program year after year, since she is a true believer, much like the aggressive progressive Elizabeth Warren.

Her political answer, which the host pounced on a few minutes later, betrays the intra-party fratricide eating up the Democratic Party. From the Establishment Democrats bent on consolidating Washington Power and Wall Street preeminence, the Progressive/Populist wing of the party still feels the slights and betrayal of a party which has done nothing for working and middle class Americans still struggling from week to week, paycheck to paycheck. Those same voters are gravitating to the Republican Party, not out of enthusiasm but frustration.

Still, Clift like many high-powered, well-connected liberals in the political circles recognizes the dangers of a Warren candidacy. Buchanan called it out perfectly: "Eleanor has a leader. Hillary has a a problem.

Another name mentioned who is destined for stardom in 2015? Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico:

Governor Susana Martinez (R-NM)

TOM ROGAN, NATIONAL REVIEW/DAILY TELEGRAPH: Susana Martinez, Republican governor of Mexico.

Unfortunately, the audience never gets a reason why Anglo-American columnist views Governor Martinez as Destined for Stardom.

Some reasons which her supporters site include her diligent stance against driver's licenses for illegal aliens, even while presiding as the chief executive for the most Hispanic state in the union per capita. She has a welcome, inspiring story from childhood to adulthood, a glowing example of the American Dream.

Her presence as a Hispanic, female Republican Governor also gives credence to the growing diversity of the Repulican Party, especially since Martinez once registered as a Democrat. She defeated a Democratic incumbent in a Democratic region to become a high-ranking, well-profiled prosecutor.

Her record of low taxes, regulation relief, and spending reductions have garnered a great deal of support, too. She also opposes amnesty, and does not support in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

She remains a very popular executive in her state, and many contend she could run for President, or serve as Vice-President with a strong Presidential candidate, like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

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