Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LA Times Fail: Sharon Runner Won (Duh!)

State Senator Sharon Runner (R-Palmdale)
The Los Angeles Times reports today that Sharon Runner was elected the next representative for the 21st State Senate District.

The title of the article reads:

Voters send Republican Sharon Runner back to state Senate

The first paragraph of the column reads:

Voters on Tuesday sent Republican Sharon Runner back to the state Senate three years after she underwent a double lung transplant. She was the only candidate on the ballot for a special election in a district representing parts of Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

She was the only candidate running!

Who else were the Antelope Valley residents going to send to Sacramento on their behalf?

Voters did not so much as send her to office as affirm that she was the only one running.

Perhaps election laws should be restructured in the state of California, ensuring that if only one candidate throws his name in for a partisan race, then there is no need for a ballot.

Question: would Runner have won the seat if no one turned out to vote at all?

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  1. They need to change the process for write ins. It is ridiculous that we have a qualifying process to be put on the ballot, but when people do not file by the deadline or fail to meet those qualifications, they can still get on, by qualifying as a write in. There were 6 write in candidates. It was ridiculous.

    She just had to get 50.1% of the vote which we knew she would.