Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gardena City Council Race Far From Over

March 3, 2015 hosted municipal elections around the South Bay.

Incumbents returned to elected office in Carson and Manhattan Beach.

In Gardena, Incumbent Dan Medina received the highest voter tally, followed by Mark Henderson, then Art Kaskanian and Ron Ross. An average of two hundred votes separated each candidate.

Despite the local media claim that the election is over and the final results have been tallied, there are five hundred provisional ballots left to be counted, plus additional mail-in ballots.

Three of Kaskanian's mailers were not released, according to diverse reports throughout the city.

According to one of the sources, the Gardena auto mechanic's political consultant, Steve Sammarco, bears some of the blame, for not releasing the mailers in a timely fashion.

Other allegations included the report that certain Kaskanian mailers went to Los Angeles instead of the Gardena post office.

The author of this post looked over one of the mailers prepared by the Gardena Police department, very solid and well-presented.

The Gardena City Clerk, Betty Romero, informed anyone following the current upsets in the Gardena election. The city clerk was definitely upset about the recent developments in the Gardena election.

"We are still getting ballots. As long as they are post-marked March 3rd. We will still be getting them until Friday (March 6th). You definitely should write about this"

Despite the Daily Breeze's initial claim that the election was over, the fact that provisional and mailer ballots are still coming in suggest that the Gardena City Council race is far from over.

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