Friday, March 6, 2015

Walker v. Warren Already On

With Hillary Clinton's campaign imploding, with Scott Walker's run for President ascending, Democrats are desperate for a candidate who can push back against the rising pro-liberty, anti-Big Government agenda swallowing up this country.

Millenials want opportunity, not dependence. Elderly voters are wondering if they will be able to retire, and whether they will find a doctor and health care plan which they can keep.

Working mothers and fathers wonder if their kids will enjoy the same high quality of life which they had received from their parents.

Young and old are still looking for hope and change.

Scott Walker, the successful, reform-minded Republican governor of Wisconsin, commands a portfolio, record, and resume which would evoke envy in any sitting governor, Democrat or Republican.

He is polling on par or slightly better than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. With the revelations about her conducting official business through a private email account, plus her numerous gaffes about her finances and the role of businesses, plus Benghazi, no wonder concerned left-leaning partisans are looking for someone else.

Elizabeth Warren v. Scott Walker

Like US Senator Elizabether Warren (D-Massachusetts)

On one of her tweets, she attacked Governor Walker, when he commented at CPAC 2015: "If I can stand up to 100,000 union members, I can take on ISIS."

Critics pounced on the remarks, claiming an immoral moral equivalency between unions and terrorists.

Including Warren:

Elizabeth WarrenVerified account @elizabethforma Feb 28
If Scott Walker sees 100,000 teachers & firefighters as his enemies, maybe it's time we take a closer look at his friends.

Warren's rhetoric is spoiled, boilerplate anti-liberty sarcasm at its worst. Almost as old and staid as the "War on Women" mantra, which reached epic lows in 2014, the Democratic Party, bought and paid for by public sector unions, continues to confuse unions with workers. Many of whom resent the lack of service, respect, and even fair treatment. Unions have become all about unions, much the same way that environmentalist groups bring in donations merely pay the overhead for the organization, and nothing  more.

Individual employees want a choice. Investors, business owners, and corporations have more choices for placement and transfer of operations. Burger King inverted to another country to avoid the confiscatory corporate taxes. Other firms move overseas because of the burdensome labor costs due to union bullying.

Warren is the last true believe in forced unionism as a core American value. She is on the wrong side of political history, yet her sentiments best reflect the heart of the current Democratic Party.

She should run for President, and let the whole world see what the Democratic Party has become, a communistic, agenda-driven craze of left-win billionaires, on-line petitions, and dwindling relevance in the public square.

While Walker's statement about taking on unions, then launching into attacks against terrorists grazed on hyperbole, has moved on from Hillary Clinton, and they are chanting "Run, Warren, Run!"

She will run, and she will ruin her party's brand in ways beyond calculation.

What the Republican Party has struggled with for the past six years, will break the Democratic Party for the next two years, where their more liberal wing has become dominant, to the caucus' hurt in Washington and throughout the country.

Walker v. Warren is already on, as Hillary Clinton looks less likely to run, let alone win the Democratic Party nomination in 2016.


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