Sunday, January 25, 2015

Underreported Accuracy in Reporting: Santa Barbara News-Press

On January 3rd, 2015the Santa Barbara News-Press reported the following on the front page:

Illegals Line Up for Driver’s Licenses” followed by the opening paragraph:

Many illegal aliens stood in line Friday at California Department of Motor Vehicles offices across the state to apply for driver's licenses.

Yes, individuals who are living in this country illegally are illegal immigrants, or aliens. One local activists corrected me, and told me immigrants by definition must be legal resident. There is no such thing as an "illegal immigrant".

The Los Angeles Times offered their own (limited, biased) assessment. First of all, the LA Times provided a background on the destructive influence of political correctness on local reporting:

Those terms ["illegal" and "illegal alien"] were criticized as offensive and eventually gave way to "illegal immigrant," a label that itself was jettisoned by most outlets two years ago, when the Associated Press banned the term from its stylebook in favor of language that more precisely describes a person's immigration status.

So, the Associated Press has dissociated itself from accuracy in reporting? Is it any surprise that American readers hold the mainstream media in such low esteem?

Then The Times added:

The News-Press, which began in 1855, has experienced diminished goodwill in the community since 2006, when reporters and editors began departing en masse, citing editorial meddling from billionaire owner and publisher Wendy McCaw.

What does this background have to do with the present protests at the newspaper building?

Other disturbing statements should have readers alarmed. . .about the lack of analysis from the LA Times:

Cathy Murillo

"I respect their right to free speech," said City Councilwoman Cathy Murillo, who attended the pro-immigrant rally, "but they don't have to be hateful. It's like the 'N-word' for blacks."

Excuse me? Who is the one making this about race? Illegal is illegal, regardless of skin color. Apparently, councilwoman Murillo is not aware of migrant farmworker advocate Cesar Chavez, who denounced illegal aliens taking jobs. There is no sense whatsoever to the racist smears coming from Councilwoman Murillo. Is anyone in Santa Barbara planning on recalling her or challenging her in the next election?

 I commend the courage of the Santa Barbara News-Press for printing the obvious. So did "We the People Rising":

"They should be allowed to decide the type of language they want to use," said Robin Hvidston, executive director of We the People Rising. "They have a right to use that word. Where do you stop?"

Freedom of speech and the press are crucial to a free society. The attacks on the SBNP need more press. Who will speak out against this vandalism? Immigration activists and (very likely) the illegal immigrants themselves protested the comments, and even attacked the newspaper's headquarters. Breitbart reported on the issue at length. Here is the picture of the graffiti:

Associated Press/Santa Barbara News-Press
Illegal Alien Activist "Speech": Vandalism

Are these graffiti remarks worthy of a response? This illegal protest in defense of illegal aliens is indefensible, both in word and in deed. As uninformed and foolish as Murillo's race card, borders are the essence of legality. Mexico has a secure Southern border, so much so that national guard troops shoot at illegal aliens trying to enter that country. Yet Mexican officials chastise the United States about its push for tougher border security.

In the midst of the heavy-handed slurs, property damage, and personal attacks, The News-Press publisher, Arthur von Weisenberger, published the following statement:

We will not give in to the thugs who are attempting to use political correctness as a tool of censorship and a weapon to shut down this newspaper.

I am proud that at least one paper has the courage to report the truth, and not flinch from bearing up against the unsound political correctness of California's liberal chattering classes.

The paper's statement on the matter is also noteworthy:

It has been the practice for nearly 10 years at the Santa Barbara News-Press to describe people living in this country illegally as “illegals” regardless of their country of origin. This practice is under fire by some immigration groups who believe that this term is demeaning and does not accurately reflect the status of “undocumented immigrants,” one of several terms other media use to describe people in the Unites States illegally…It is an appropriate term in describing someone as “illegal” if they are in this country illegally.

Despite the negative reporting from the Los Angeles Times, and the false, immoral arguments from the amoral promoters of illegal immigration, I hope that more Californians read, respect, and even promote the Santa Barbara News-Press in the future, one of the most underreported papers in the state of California which is actually reporting the news accurately.

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