Friday, January 30, 2015

Where Do CA State Senators Live?

A California Patriot known as David Gunshots has been confronting state senators in Sacramento about fraud and corruption.

He has reached out to me last year, with video and audio clips identifying members who were complicit or actively engaging in voter fraud in the state capitol.

Here are his comments:

Former State Senate Pr Tem Darrell Steinberg

California has been plauged with a cesspool of voter fraud, so I have taken it upon myself, along with some close friends, to investigate a few senators we know to be involved because the Pro Tem Senator Darrell Steinberg, openly admitted to knowing of voter fraud in California, all while the district attorneys have turned a blind eye.  More shockingly, Democratic (and pro gun advocate) Rodrick Wright was singled out for his voter fraud, all while 90% of the legislation is guilty of the same thing. Senator Steinberg openly admitted that most of the legislator are renting out apartments and living in Sacramento, all while suppose to be living in their respective districts. Rodrick Wright was seriously, singled out, no joke.  He did not fit in line with California democrats and was permanently suspended with pay, and a convicted felon.

Video below of us asking Steinberg about voter fraud "during coffee with your Senator" on April 1, 2014:

Dr. Richard PAn

Then we have Dr Richard Pan, running for Senator in Sacramento in 2014, however, he lives in a different district as well, in Natomas.  Darrell Steinberg admitted that Richard Pan is in fact, carpetbagging, a term used in California when a senator or assemblyman lives in a different district than the one they are suppose to be representing.  We have witnessed Dr Richard Pan in Natomas checking his mailbox and have photos of him running to his mail box and running back inside to try and hide from us watching him.  Not only did Senator Darrell Steinberg call out Dr Richard Pan, but he also called out Mimi Walters and Jim Neilsen, as they are all invoved in the same type of voter fraud the Rodrick Wright was involved in.

Audio below taken during "coffee with your Senator" on May 5, 2014:

We have visited Pan's place in Sacramento, and we have knocked on the door for days on end and no one has answered.

Now for the big question:  Why was Senator Wright singled out, but not the rest?  This is also not a single party issue, both parties are involved and both parties should pay for this!  Those District Attorneys need to also be investigated for their inaction in these matters.

When will our elected representative and law enforcement officials do what is right and charge criminal behavior as it is documented rather than support the oligarchy?

He then shared in another post:

I also contacted everyone I could, DAs, sheriffs, legislators, SOS, Attouney General, etc.... NOTHING IS BEING DONE ART! NOTHING!!!

Ladies and gentlemen of the state of California: it is all time for us to do something!


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