Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama's Numbers Are Up (WTF?)

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Obama's Numbers Sit a Little Better (U.S. White House, Chuck Kennedy)
President Obama's numbers have improved recently, according to recent polling.

On a slim margin of 40-36%, Americans polled believe that the President can better handle the country's problems than the Republican-controlled Congress.

There are a couple of systemic reasons why this statistic might exist.

The President by virtue of his office commands a focused attention. People often remember the Presidents in their history books. They never recall the powerful Speakers of the House, even though their backroom dealings and whipping votes accomplished so much. The Civil Rights Act was not passed because of Lyndon Johnson's charisma. He had forged strong relationships, along with blocking the legislation during the Eisenhower Administration, in order to position the Democratic Party in the next decade.

The Chief Executive features in the media  limelight at great length, and the mainstream media has been carrying water for this President for a long time.

The fact that his polling numbers are in the low forties, and the Congress is in the upper thirties, should not really alarm conservatives or Republicans. Much of the stats, because the final numbers are so close, are ultimately not very significant.

The polling comes on the heels of President Obama's state of the Union address, and for the vast masses of people who do not pay attention to politics, the national networks give the President easy media press with these speeches. He talks about lofty goals and aspiring hopes. He mentions individual successes, too.

Still, despite his relatively surprising bump in the polls, President Obama is facing a vastly different political landscape from six years ago, when Democrats controlled both chambers, including supermajority threshold in the US Senate.

Congress in general is held in very low esteem by this country precisely because they have accomplished so little. Yet their inaction facilitates businesses and cities to do their jobs well. Less Presidential activity means more private commerce.

The real problem comes back to Republicans who avoid fighting, who keep trying to be nice, get-along types, when Democrats in Washington are interested in complete victory on the body of Republican decimation.

Also, one can imagine that Republican voters will hold their Congressional team in low esteem, as is the case for all limited government advocates. Such is the frustration which conservatives will face when dealing with the federal government on many issues..

Another poll worth taking into account, however, shows that a strong majority of respondents still do not feel the country is going in the right direction: 56% of those polled feel that the country is going in the wrong direction. Not a good sign.

United States Republican Party.png
Republicans are slightly better on the economy

Obama's numbers may be up, but they are middling, and Republicans still hold the edge when it comes to economic recovery and growth.

The recent polling comes from the Washington Post, reputable enough, and shows that Americans are misinformed, uninformed, or need to be better informed by the Republicans in Congress. Unity of vision, message, and action are a necessity.

Otherwise, why would anyone be surprised to see Obama's numbers hovering relatively better compared to the Republicans?

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