Sunday, January 18, 2015

Senator Boxer's Broken Twitter Feed

Even though US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has announced her retirement, she still uses different Twitter accounts, including @SenatorBoxer as well as @BarbaraBoxer.

Her @SenatorBoxer feed leaves much to be desired, however.

She still follows the following people:

@AskGeorge: Congressman George Miller, who has retired, the same Congressman who shouted at Republicans during the 2013 Government shutdown for waging a "jihad". Really?

@SenatorHarkin US Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa retired, and was replaced by Republican state senator Joni Ernst, who will be giving this year's response to the 2013 State of the Union Address.

@Daniel_Inouye The now deceased US Senator from Hawaii. Why is Senator Boxer still following a dead colleague?

@FrankLautenberg He's also dead. He passed away in 2013. What is it with Senator Boxer and dead people?

@MarkUdall The former US Senator from Colorado, just defeated last year by Republican Congressman Cory Gardner. Not very impressive.

No wonder Boxer is retiring. She is running out of viable individual accounts to follow in Twitter!

Now, her latest tweet was the nadir of political discourse:

12:34 PM - 14 Jan 2015

House Republicans made clear today that their answer to reform is to deport everyone.

Some of the comments are priceless, and accurate:

Illegals are here illegally ! Enforce our laws. Do your job.
Here's another:
Eibar Stoltz@eibargk23 Jan 14
Amazing! They want to obey the laws they were elected to honor & uphold! Babs! You had 6 years to solve the issue1
Thank you, Eibar! Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reminded media pundits and his Democratic colleagues that Democrats controlled the House and the US Senate during the first two years of President Obama's administration. They did nothing about immigration.
How about this one?
Liz@conservativeliz Jan 14
illegals steal jobs and send their money back to their own countries. They are a parasite not an asset.
This tweet response repeated the issue of legality:
Davaf2000@franklion2014 Jan 15
deport the law breakers aka illegal aliens..not hard to do..enforce laws on jobs take away social services...they go away
The welfare state cannot coexist with free immigration, period. Free market economist Milton Friedman hammered this point repeatedly in his discussion on secure borders and open economies.
This last tweet mocks Mexico's hypocrisy as well as the liberal Democratic US Senator:
Yellow Jacket@jacket_6 Jan 15
Oh well! Had I entered Mexico illegally I'd be dead by now!
It's too bad more Californians are not following the harsh responses from her detractors. For all the rhetoric about keeping families together and pursuing the most humane route to immigration reform, Democrats have spent more time politicizing the issue and demonizing responsible legislators in Congress, i. e. conservatives who believe in the rule of law and take their oath of office seriously.

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