Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gallantry on New Year's Day in NYC

Just before Year 2015 began, Taylor Swift was swinging the night away.

But there was one thing which she could not shake off: the bitter cold of a New Year's Eve in New York City.

The host, Ryan Seacrest, asked her if she was prepared for the cold, or if she could have dressed more warmly.

Honest to the end of the year, Swift swiftly answered "No!" then "Yes!"

Then Ryan Seacrest offered her his coat. She started joking: "Are you stripping? This is a family show!"

Even though she felt ashamed at first, and manifested some of it at the host, Seacrest did not hesitate put his coat on her.

Honest to the end, and gallant to the beginning of the New Year, Seacrest's warm gesture is a good sign that even in the midst of the hype and glitz of a desensitized Hollywood, a warped political culture, and the general fears of the future, there are still good people doing great things for others, not looking for the camera to spotlight their concerns or highlight their help.

This scene not only warmed Swift, but gave me a warm hope for the coming year. Gentlemen still stand for the camera, and good will is still in full supply, regardless of who is watching.

Thanks again, Ryan, hopeful people like you will serve as the true American Idols that this country needs to see and receive.

Happy New Year!

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