Sunday, January 25, 2015

Elections Have Consequences, Ma'am!

Twice in the last week, I have heard conservatives utter the following phrase:

"Elections have consequences."

Who first made this statement? US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who thankfully will be retiring in 2016.

When did she say it? In 2007, when she took over the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee from conservative Republican James Inhofe. CNN reported that the hearing was a "heated exchange" over former US Senator Al Gore's statements on global warming. Senator Boxer's arrogant bravado was on full display that day, in front of the Washington Press Corps and Congressional staffers. Even the CNN anchor felt flustered and embarrassed.

Fast forward eight years, and now Chairman Inhofe had the last laugh. Boxer began the first EPW meeting of the 114th Congress:

See this gavel. The last time it got transferred was eight years ago, and I had to fight Inhofe for it.

Not really. Senator Inhofe simply never stopped fighting for the voters of Oklahoma, and for the growing number of Americans fed up with the climate alarmist rhetoric.

And this time, I have to say, Jim, you and I are friends.

Now Boxer wants to play nice. She might as well, since she will not be sitting in the US Senate for much longer.

And if I was going to hand this gavel over to anyone, I am very happy that it's you. So, I'm going to hand that gavel over to you. And when you recognize me, I have some gifts for you.

Inhofe graciously responded:

Well let's do this. Let's start by bringing us to order. I'll just go ahead and recognize you. . By the way, I remember the statement that she said that got everyone's attention: "Elections have consequences. And I have the gavel" Now I have a picture of that. And it looks like she's about to hit me with that on the head.


Well, I have no intention of doing that.

Senator Boxer giving Chairman Inhofe gifts

She then announced that she was glad that Chairman Inhofe had reminded everyone of that gleeful statement she had made, then presented the newly reinstalled Chairman with a  T-Shirt, which read "Elections have consequences" with a gavel rapping on a woodblock.

Next, she presented Inhofe a yellow truck for his grandchildren, to represent the thousands of jobs which the US Senate could help create with infrastructure funding.

Then she gave the Chairman a toy Prius: "a very clean car", so that while Congress focused on building roads, the air does not get dirty. Inhofe responded:

That's why I use CNG in my car, which is now in Oklahoma more expensive than regular gasoline.

Rather than allowing Boxer to pontificate while giving gifts, Inhofe challenged the basic notion that "clean energy" is a worthwhile investment. All of the gifts were political posturing as well as a friendly exchange, but the Oklahoma Senator was good-humored about the whole display.

Senator Boxer ate her own words that day, but today (January 25, 2015), George Will also quipped "Elections have consequences".

Indeed. Americans are hoping for change, and they voted for it in widespread numbers. Republicans gained an unprecedented nine seats in the US Senate, removing five incumbent Democrats. The House GOP increased their numbers by double digits, exceeding even their own expectations.

PJNews labeled Boxer a US Senator who "did nothing much". Her claims to fame have been dishonoring the CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce, waving large bills around the US Senate, and the most disgraceful display of self-promotion, when she ordered a Brigadier General to address her as "Senator."

Now that she has been demoted to ranking member, and she will be retiring in 2016, what else can we say?

Elections have consequences, Ma'am!