Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama's SOTU: "You Lie!" and "Not True!"

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President Obama's SOTU : "You Lie!" and "Not True!" (Barbara Lock)

The 2015 State of the Union Address (SOTU) was another tepid dumb show of support from the President's party, who rise up and clap every time he mentions some feigned measure of progress under his administration. From his failed health care programs, to rampant deficit spending, to foreign policy failures, there is very little to induce excitement about President Obama, who repeated the same platitudes, right down to reminding the audience about his famous “Red State, Blue State” comments earlier in his presidency. Today, America is Red territory, with Democrats in defeat and retreat.

The reactions from Obama’s prior SOTU audiences give an accurate, current interpretation.

In 2010, Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina called out "You lie!" when the President assured that Obamacare would not include illegal immigrants. While the Vice President and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rolled their eyes in disgust, followed by a general rumbling of disapproval, Wilson was spot on. A trail of broken promises, unattainable goals, and distorted intentions have driven many Americans to wonder if the President utters anything trustworthy.

Shortly after the Citizens United decision, the President excoriated the Supreme Court of the United States, claiming that they had enabled the wholesale purchase of the political process. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito whispered to one of his colleagues "Not True!" Expanding financial participating in politics has endangered incumbents while emboldening participants.

Incidentally enough, Justice Alito and Congressman Wilson accurately describe President Obama, his administration, and the SOTU: "You Lie!" and "Not True!"

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