Friday, January 9, 2015

Update on SCROC: Barbara Lucky

I contacted Barbara Lucky, the Palos Verdes representative on the SCROC Board, regarding the short-term plans and the long-term fate of the occupational center:

Board Member
Barbara Lucky

We could run the program for one more year before we have to shut down.

What kind of cuts? We have been talking to our six school districts. We are run by a joint-powers administration. In the past, the money for SCROC went from state to county to us. The money, each school district had been allocated X amount of money for ROP programs.

When I asked her what SCROC would do if the money ran out:

We will run a smaller program, at the center. The school districts, what we provide to them classes at their sites. We provide engineering. sign language classes. Computer classes. We provide a teacher at the school sites. And they don't' have to travel to the center.

We would not be able to provide those classes to the school district. If they wanted to continue these classes they would have to buy them from us.

She also described what the facility provides for South Bay residents:

We provide a wide variety of classes. This program gives students an opportunity to find a passion in life.

I asked her about the SCROC superintendent's compensation:

The superintendent is not extensively compensated. Her salary is less than others. She has done a phenomenal job, taking a mediocre version and making it a Cadillac. It's not auto-shop, or homemaking  We have high-power engineering classes.

We have lots of teachers, We are one of the most efficiently run organizations.

There's three administrators. Look at the other school districts! They have levels and levels of administrators. They have to wear multiple hats, much like the small school districts, where the principal is also the superintendent, and in some cases the custodian.

Who owns the property?

It was donated to SoCal ROC. So SCROC owns it.

Regarding the fate of the programs without state funding, Lucky had no comment because she wanted to see what the next budget would provide.

How many students are enrolled.

We are going to be starting next year with. 4000 students who will be enrolled in the program. We have morning classes as well as evening classes. The welding class has a huge waiting list, because you can get trained for the job, and get hired right away for a good paying job.

For the high school students, it's all free. For the adults, they pay a minimal fee.

Ms. Lucky offered that she and her fellow Palos Verdes School Board members had not made any plans for seeking different funding because they wanted to wait for the Governor's budget, whether he would provide funding for SCROC or not.
She further emphasized to me that SCROC offers a wide variety of high quality courses which a number of schools do not provide. She also reminded me that SCROC operates as its own school district, not just as a center.

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