Saturday, January 17, 2015

MoveOn.Org Wants Campaign Money to Stop Campaign Money

Know yourself, know your enemy, and you will win every battle. -- Sun-Tzu, The Art of War

MoveOn.Org is a Left-Wing interest group fomenting populist unrest, a front for the Godfather of the Left, George Soros.

I just received the following email from one of the group's members, and the irony is too much not to expose:

Dear MoveOn member,

This email is a little different from what we usually send you.
Most of the time, we write to you about whatever's the most urgent thing going on politically. An election. A key vote coming up.
But today, instead of talking about the most urgent thing, we want to talk about what's arguably the most important thing: the influence of money in politics.

The big, bad influence of money in politics. How else are candidates supposed to share their message with voters? How else do they persuade people to elect them? The tired argument about getting money out of politics is a political fraud from beginning to end. What if we told churches that they could preach whatever they wanted to, but could not spend any money promoting their views and sharing their faith with fellow congregants? That measure would de facto silence them.

The same is true in political discourse. Money is speech, because without money, individual candidates and concerned citizens cannot effectively convey their message. More importantly, though, who benefits from these campaign finance regulations? Incumbents, who get free advertising and influence by virtue of their office.

Virtually every issue—climate change, education, Wall Street reform, criminal justice reform, you name it—goes back to the power of money and corporations in politics.

Notice that this email does not talk about the corrupt influence of labor unions, particularly public sector unions, in our politics. Yet their influence is both disproportionate and unjust, since they take money from members without their permission and spend the funds on candidates and causes without their consent. Entire cities and states are going bankrupt because of public sector union imposition.

Besides, corporations are a fraction of the campaign donors.

And that's why, no matter how long it takes, MoveOn is committed to helping end the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Such hypocrisy. Corporate money keeps MoveOn moving.

Their latest plea is: "Give us money to get money out of politics". Really?

Let me repeat that, and put this point in large print:

MoveOn.Org wants you and me to give them money so that they can get money out of politics.

Is anyone's head hurting yet?

Think about whatever issue is most important to you. Wall Street reform? Global warming? Student debt? Health care for all?

On every single one of those issues, there are big corporations standing in the way of change.

Excuse me? How many Republican candidates won election in 2014, even though they were outspent by Big Business, Big Labor, and Big Government? Money alone does not win elections.

And the reason that Congress listens to them—and not voters—is because of money.

The Toomey-Manchin background check bill of 2013 died because of massive mobilization from gun rights supporters, including the NRA. Toomey admitted that, as did a number of Democratic US Senators who ultimately voted against the bill. The 2013 Obamacare of Immigration reform died in the House, but not without a lot of lobbying and spending from the Chamber of Commerce. David Brat defeated Majority Leader Eric Cantor in his safe Republican seat, even though Cantor outspent Brat ten-to-one.

Congress is not listening to liberal contingencies like MoveOn because their party and their values lost big time at the polls. The majority of Americans do not support the liberal-progressive-statist agenda.

The good news is that, slowly but surely, we're winning. Last year, 55 U.S. Senators came out for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. More than 600 cities and 16 states have gone on record in favor of amending the Constitution.1

 photo moronorg.jpg
The above statistic is woefully flawed, and deeply misleading. Of those fifty-five US Senators, all Democrats, nine of them resigned or were forced out in the last election. Those nine politicians are not US Senators anymore, and their action one month before the 2014 Election would have severely hindered the First Amendment. Since when did the opinion of a majority of lawmakers in any one body of government matter, anyway?
And most important of all, 80% of Americans oppose Citizens United—even including 72 percent of Republicans!2

Here is the link with the study. Yes, the study shows that a large majority fear that more money in politics will have a corrupting influence. It all depends on where the money is going. The facts also suggest that if anyone is facing harder times, it would be incumbents, the political fossils who stay in office and profit from their position through extended influence.

Next week, to mark the fifth anniversary of Citizens United, we're joining together with a massive grassroots coalition to organize one of the biggest days of action against money in politics ever. 
Our coalition is organizing protests, rallies, and teach-ins all over the country. We'll be all over social media. And in Washington, D.C., we're getting ready to deliver a petition signed by over 5 million people demanding a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. is a corporation, too. Perhaps they should practice what they preach before taking away from others the free practice to preach.

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