Thursday, July 26, 2012

Silva's Take on Aurora

Unlike the silver screen, where the superman is the silver bullet to redeem a fallen world from a fallen enemy, men and women in the three-dimensional world have to make do with what they have and are.

The massacre of Aurora Colorado is a tragedy in a tragic world, where men and women must accept that man at his core has demons and demands that left to themselves destroy and seek to dominate.

The best resolution, however, is not to make it harder for the law-abiding to defend themselves, nor should we permit government and state forced to decide who can defend himself and how.

“The audience in Aurora at first confused reel-to-reel violence with the real kind.”

It was never the audience’s fault what happened at the movie theater.

Cinematic violence does not make man violent, nor do guns kill people of their own free will.

The solution to gun violence is not fewer guns, for the real problem is not the hand or the handgun, but the heart of man of itself.

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