Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reuters Rooting for Nonexistent Rage

The decision was a setback for Republicans who mounted opposition in Congress to the law before its 2010 passage. They dubbed it "Obamacare" and called it an unwarranted intrusion into the lives of individuals and a burden on states. (Reuters - "Scalia says no fallout with Roberts over healthcare decision")

Reuters is editorializing, and poorly at that.

The "ObamaCare" ruling was hardly a "setback" for the Republicans, but  a setup for the GOP to spike and serve the progressive agenda with an unending volley of attacks.

Because the Chief Justice served up the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Acts on constitutional grounds as a tax, he doffed at best a Pyrrhic victory to the embattled incumbent.

As former Solicitor General Ted Olsen commented in a Time Magazine interview, Obama has won a short-term win which will all but degenerate into a long-term loss for himself, his party, and the statist agenda of Big Government progressivism.

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