Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monica Garcia and Real Educational Reform

The reelection of Monica Garcia  to the Los Angeles School Board is indeed a good choice for the residents of Los Angeles and the students of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

However, real reform in education would do away with school boards entirely. Effective leaders must preside as closely as possible to the institution which they govern.

Real educational reform would fire all the staff at 333 South Beaury, the headquarters of Los Angeles Unified  School District, sell off the building, and invest all the saved and accrued revenue back in the classrooms.

Real educational reform would remove the unecessary bureaucracy of school districts, including superintendents who do very little and receive too much.

Real educational reform would enact a voucher program which would allow parents to enroll their children in any school that they want, including private and parochial schools.

Real educational reform would end the collective bargaining rights of teachers unions, including their immoral and unethical authority to take union dues out of the paychecks of teachers, only to spend the money on causes and political candidates which oppose innovation and independence for our public schools.

Real educational reform would allow more charter schools to be established, removing the unnecessary impediments to private investors and public activists who want to establish unique programs for students.

Real educational reform would remove government as much as possible from the education of our youth.

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